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Thread: Bowtech Reign 6

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    Bowtech Reign 6

    Hearing some good things about this bow and that Blowtech might have even sorted their infamous limb issues.
    Thinking about taking the plunge.
    Anyone got any input?
    Positive or negative?

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    Hey mate not too sure about the reign but ive got the btx 31 with the new inhouse limbs had no problems so far its a beast of a bow super nice to shot such a smooth as draw and dead on love it. Its hard to decide witch bow to play with for the day PSE evolve 31 or btx31
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    Check on Archery Talk - the yanks are not backwards when coming forwards - and I have yet to hear a bad word about the R6. BTW I had a BowTech 06 Allegiance - one of the best bows I ever had and no limb issues.
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    Bowtech Reign 6

    Thanks Fellas
    Yeah tossing up between the R6 and the Carbon Defiant
    Performance Vs reputation

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    I have a Reign6 now and have been shooting different Bowtech's for many years.
    Since I've been involved with the bow shop (we are Bowtech agents), I've done two limb failure claims over the years and both were Destroyer 350's.
    I've seen no other limb problems with Bowtech myself. I did a warranty claim on the riser of my own Carbon Overdrive because the carbon riser warped very slightly and then I sold it and replaced it with the Reign6 to join my trusted Bowtech Experience.
    One thing I can say about the Reign6 is that it draws exceptionally smooth for such a fast bow. Smoother than the Experience at the same poundage which is a slower bow. The Reign is quiet with no perceivable hand shock or vibration, but that is very much dependent on arrow weight and bow accessories. It is very accurate and tunes easily. Also easy to change draw length with rotating modules.

    I prefer the limbdriver rests on these binary cam bows. They work very well. And if you have a press, you can do yoke tuning on these overdrive binary cams which makes the bow more forgiving and accurate with different spined arrows.
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    Bowtech Reign 6

    Yes mate
    The adjustability of the Reign 6 is a big plus.

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    I have a Bowtech Prodigy unbelievable bow.
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    It's funny you should say that Guardian. I also worked in a shop which were agents for bowtech and personally did 4 or 5 sets of limbs on insanity cpx and cpxl models. I also sent a set to a friend after his had failed and then it did the New set I sent him within a month.... also had a brand new prodigy on the shelf that left go... Had only come out of the box very recently.
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    I work in a bow shop and Ive replaced quite a few limbs on 360s, CPXLs, Prodigys and BTXs. The new limbs on the Bowtechs are bullet proof we've had a few numptys dry fire their Reigns with no damage whatsoever to the limbs. They are a fast sweet shooting bow, I'm a dyed in the wool Mathews shooter but I would happily swap my Halon 32 for a Reign. BTW on a more humorous note they are pronounced "rain", we have had the following pronunciations Rey guns, reg n's and reeguns. LOL
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    Bowtech Reign 6

    Yeah Rinaldo
    I think I'm convinced
    And I'm to not surprised Bowtech didn't want to associate their latest flagship bow with old Ronald Reagan. Although I've always wanted to own my very own ray gun. HA!!

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