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  1. Jackels gets my vote as I'm only new also, I'm keen to learn from others while I'm there an meeting new people having a great time.
  2. What month are we looking at? May is out for me.
  3. 2018 Group hug/hunt

    Jackals hide for the entire for me, but I'm in the middle of changing jobs so I'm suddenly a bit up in the air if I'll get there or not.


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  4. Yeah, I think on balance Jackals seems like the go.

    I'm pretty sure I can commit to 3 if not 4 nights.
  5. Parkerperson, good point re - acreage so I've updated the list at the bottom of this response to reflect the space available. I've recorded your vote as 'I'm easy' with the condition that I don't distribute it to the dating sites without your prior consent ;)

    Ummm (that's someone's username, not me stumbling for what to say), Thanks for your reply. Vote noted.

    Sneaky and kimall, I'll ask about alternative costs for non-hunters/non-fishers. As it is, the rate suggested by Rod is equivalent to camping/fishing $25/day

    dean-yowie Cheers for your reply. Vote noted

    gilbo Cheers for your reply. Vote noted

    justmagic , the general consensus seemed to be around late May. The date I had suggested was 25th May but that is probably a little bit flexible depending on availability of the property.

    Jesse. Cheers mate, vote noted. let's hope your new boss is a bowhunter and gives you the time off?

    GojiraSteve Thanks for your reply. Vote noted

    Updated info below........

    Milani http://www.milanibowhunting.com/ $65 p/n No facilities No trophy or meat animal fees. Guided only 8,000 acres

    Jackal's Hide http://www.jackalshide.com/ $25 per night flat rate. Toilet and hot shower. No additional fees for trophy or meat animals. 5,000 acres

    Bow Hunting New England http://www.bowhuntingnewengland.com/ $100 per day. Cool room available. No facilities. Trophy and meat animal fees Trophy deer $300, Billy over 35" $200 Meat deer $100 goat $25 3,000acres

    Bullock River Homestead http://www.bullockmountainhomestead.com/index.html $62.50 p/n No facilities No trophy or meat fees. 1,200 acres

    Inverel property: $100 per night. No facilities. No additional fees for trophy or meat animals. Guided Unknown size

    Severn River Park http://severnriverpark.com.au/ $100 per night. No facilities. No additional fees for trophy or meat animals. 500 acres

    Victoria State Forest Hunt - Unknown at this stage. Deer stalking license required $56.80. No facilities, No trophy or meat animal fees. Sky is the limit !
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  6. I noticed milani is listed as no facilities and guided only, have they changed the way they do things there?
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  7. Not sure about the facilities. But from memory Milani wanted us to go around in groups of three or five, with a guide.

    I think the reasoning was down to there being so many of us on site at once. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. Jackals Hide for me, just the weekend or maybe the Monday if I swap RDO's
  9. Jackals gets my vote as well - looks great on price, has facilities if we need it, and from the gallery they look to have some decent game also.

    I can do 3-4 days.

    Thanks for organising this Paul!
  10. 2018 Group hug/hunt

    I vote Jackals too. Game numbers can be patchy but there is decent fishing too.

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