Bowhunting Downunder
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  1. Nice work Sneak. Good luck guys, looking forward to the write-up !
  2. Scratch can tell us in person lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Graham 1967 View Post
    Nice work Sneak. Good luck guys, looking forward to the write-up !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sneaky View Post
    Well gents all going well looks like A Sneaky Safari is planned for the days leading up to the Group Hunt with a very welcome participant (new to archery). So if it goes to plan Matt (Wightamus) will be joining me from the 28th through to the 1st hunting down the road with stick and string with a great opportunity to secure his first game prior to us heading to the Group Hunt. So wish us all the best I am really looking forward to our little hunt and then onto you guys for some socialising.

    Cheers Sneak and Wightamus
    That's what it's all about Darren! Can't wait to see you guys at the "HUG"....or if Clinton and Dowdy have anything to do with it, it's sounding like they're going to "Knapp" together! (Is that the same as sleeping together?!?)
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    Just over 2 weeks I hope you guys have a great time, I am sorry that I could not make it to listen to all the bull sxxt flying around the camp and assassin dancing around the fire in is wool chaps, to all the newbies there will be a lot of helpful info so enjoy the comaradrie and hopefully you all take some game, looking forward to some great photos, cheers Keith. Ps Mick yea I am slowly getting it together, but I wish people wouldn't just don't rub me the wrong way as I have a sensitive trigger lol, enjoy brothers.
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  5. Attendance update:
    Sneaky (4 days)

    A couple of short stayers/possibles
    clinton miller
    Have I missed anyone?

    It's not too late to join in the fun. Anyone else interested, send me a pm and I'll fill you in !

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  6. 2018 Group hug/hunt



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    Thanks Jesse.
    Edited my post
  8. Pencil myself and Benny'sbow in as a definite although if it's too cold for me I'm loading up the big black poaching rig and pissing off back to qld
  9. We're getting closer to the hunt now so let's close off this thread and direct all future comments and questions to the other thread
    Assassin and I are both working to make this a very successful event so we'll be updating the attendance list, sponsor list and prize pool shortly to keep everyone informed.

    Tickets are available pre-hunt, so anyone who can't attend the hunt but still wants to get involved with the fundraising and contribute to our donation to Mates4Mates, please send me a pm and I'll give you the details how to pay for tickets.

    Tickets are $5 each.
    Prizes will be drawn at the group hunt. Prize winners will be announced on the forum and distributed to those who weren't able to be present for the drawing.

    It's looking good ! ! !
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    Don't be a sook Rhino Assassin will keep you warm lol.
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