DNA Bowhunting
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  1. Lucky man having goannas and the like. I live in town and for a while had kingfisher using my pond, blue tongue lizards had babies here in the garden and all sorts of frogs. New neighbours moved in, dead kingfisher in the driveway, chewed adult bluetongue in the garden and no more frogs.
    I'll even supply you arrows mate if you're nailing cats! I hate the *******s with a passion. Would like to drop in and see you on the way back, see how I'm travellin' hey.
  2. I've been running through some potentials for the charitable donation using proceeds from our multi draw and other fundraising activities. The donation will be made to an organization whose particular aim is to support men's mental health in Australia.
    I welcome any other suggestions, but to start the suggestion box running, I've googled a number of potentially suitable organizations.
    Suggestions? Alternative organizations?
    Some options for Men’s Mental Health charitable donations:

    Beyond Blue https://www.beyondblue.org.au/who-does-it-affect/men
    Movember https://au.movember.com/mens-health/mental-health
    Black Dog Institute https://www.blackdoginstitute.org.au...-mental-health
    Mensline https://mensline.org.au/
    Man Up http://manup.org.au/the-facts/challe...-in-australia/
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    Hi guys. Paul they are some cracker organisations mate. I would like to suggest also ‘mates for mates’ or one of the equivalent returned services or defence force type organisations. They are a great cause and I would think close to many hearts. Cheers
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  4. Matti W your inbox is full
  5. bowhunters knife.jpg
    Woohoo worked out the pic thing so here are a couple of pics of the knife for the hunt prize. Wody wood handle and 12c27 blade. Hope it fills the brief. First knife out of all the ones I have made that I got attached too so hope I WIN IT.
    Cheers KIM
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  6. Very nice Kimall, someone will be going home VERY happy indeed!
  7. That is a very sexy blade keen kimall. Beautiful work

  8. That is awesome work. What a mean looking blade
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    2018 Group hug/hunt

    Quote Originally Posted by Rhino1 View Post
    If you blokes have time you should drop in and smash some bass from my back deck, I guarantee this is the best bass fishing hole in s.e qld and all 3 of us will be hooked up in the first 30 seconds. Crazydeer was here on the weekend and we were both on in the first 10 seconds. Its fuggin awesome
    I like the sound of that👌

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