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  1. Depending on dates I'd probably buy in on a VIC hunt as well as the NSW one.
  2. If I can drag Kimall down (we need to catch up been too long) Jackals for a social visit not interested in hunting just meeting up with you mob. I'll leave the SNEAKIN' to you guys.

    The Sneak.
    Stick, String and Sharp Things what could possibly go wrong?

    Sneak, Sneak, Sneak, Whack!!!

  3. Thats a date Sneak I wont be hunting either..(get up to late anyway) if at Jackal again enjoyed it last time would not be able to get to Vic but if that is the way it pans out thats cool too.
    Cheers KIM
  4. Righto mate it's on and if you can spare a couple of extra days I will offer up for newbie to accompany us to my secret spot very close by and have as many opportunities as they like to take there first game if they are not successful at the group hunt. What do you reckon Kim?
    Stick, String and Sharp Things what could possibly go wrong?

    Sneak, Sneak, Sneak, Whack!!!

  5. Sounds like a plan for sure..
    Cheers KIM
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    I'm in for anything that involves a group thingy with Kim and Sneak! Jackals is a great place to have a gathering and for people to check the property out at a reduced rate...and Rod is a top bloke too! We've had 3 so far at Jackals and 1 at Milani (also a great place with great people!)

    Keen no matter where it is as I've had such a great time at the last 4 and met some great blokes!



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    Severn river park sounds good but $110.00 a day is just too expensive for me with other costs involved to get there.
  8. 2018 Group hug/hunt

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Graham 1967 View Post
    Update, I got a reply from Bullock Creek Homestead, they would be keen to host our group event and can offer $12.50 camping plus $50 hunting fees per person per day. The guest house has toilet and shower. We would have the entire property to ourselves for the event.
    Personally I'm sold on Jackals Hide but I'm keeping an open mind, wondering/hoping we can find a forest to hunt in Victoria?

    Keith, that's a great offer mate. Very much appreciated !
    Has anyone from here been hunting at Bullock Mountain homestead? It looks good and is close to prime fallow deer country. I am booked in to go camping with the family there in January.

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    I grew up there on and off and my grandfather and his partner farmed fallow and ran a sapphire mine, i went back easter tgis year as I'd heard it was opened up to campers and we seen craploads of fallow some even walking 60m away from camp to the creek and back multiple times. When i spoke to the owners i tried to convince them to go bow hunters only but he wasn't too fussed on the idea and was just as happy with bang sticks going in for the hunt too.. so im unsure on how skittish they will become but thats part of being a good bow hunter is to get close no matter the situation. I just got the number of a woman at wellingrove who wants bow hunters only so ive passed it on to paul and asked if he wanted to make contact first as he knew the agenda and details, it had pigs goats and deer so i guess wait and see how that plans out also, maybe more than one hunting area?
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    Is that lady's place paid or free to hunt on?
    eject, EJECT!!
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