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    A quick search found this. It's in Fahrenheit, but it gives an idea
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    So I've been running tests with thermometer and different insulated boxes.

    Parked in semi shade it's feasible to do. Without any difficulties.
    Parked in direct sun for the day even 50mm reflective coated iso board was not enough. With all car windows having tint and reflective windscreen block outs. Ambient car temperature started at 18 degrees inside the cases still got up to 45 degrees during the day.

    Ie is simply not practical without shade or active cooling.

    -= The Matter is Void =-
    -= The Matter is Void =-
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    Hey Luke i was actually hoping you would find a workable solution as this can quite often be a problem ie can i leave the bow in the car as its sometimes bloody awkward to have to lug the thing around everywhere with you. Cheers
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