Killer Bowstrings
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    Getting out of wheel bow sale

    As the title states I am cleaning up my compound gear as well as some other items. Prices are shipped within Australia.

    Bow Stands x2 TYD: $40

    Go Pro3 Black Edition with accessories TYD: $200
    Shooting 4k as well 1080 at 60 fps. SOLD

    Kasumi water stone (Got missing corner as pic shows. Other side is fine TYD: sold

    Hammock tree huggers with rock climbing carabiners for easy suspension TYD: $30

    Used 125 grain Broadheads, 3 VPA 1.25", x4 Ulmer Edge plus blades x1 1.5" 2-blade TYD: $70

    100 Grain broadheads plus blades. x3 Gravedigger plus plenty of blades, x1 Grizztrick TYD: $40

    Bowmaster bow press with L and J brackets TYD: $50 Sold

    Hoyt z5 number 3b cams with strings TYD: $75

    Doinker quick disconnect SOLD

    3rd hand camera arm (camera attachment plate missing) SOLD

    Carter Whatever release aid TYD: $75
    Scratched but in perfect working condition with a basically new leather wrist strap. Come with 2 heavy springs (Multiple location for different trigger feel)

    Badlands Hyper Hydro pack TYD: $85 SOLD
    Lifetime warranty, just had smaller zipper replaced as new frames added under warranty so it no questions asked. Good condition but some elastic fatigued on the side pouches as seen in photo.

    More item will be added over time...
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    Press price missed?

    -= The Matter is Void =-
    -= The Matter is Void =-
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    Thanks for letting me know. $70 for the press, carry case and both pair of brackets
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    Getting out of wheel bow sale

    Iíll take the quick disconnect
    Pm sent

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    Quick disconnect and camera arm sold
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    GoPro price lowered
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    GoPro sold.. posting bag and release aid tonight.
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    Badlands pack and carter release aid added.
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    Price dropped on every item left
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    Still have the bow press
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