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    Need some advice

    Hi, I'm just start out and going to have a look at a second hand bow this weekend. Just need to know what I should look out for it's a bowtech carbon icon. It's set to the right draw length and poundage .
    Will I need to do anymore adjustments (peep sights etc? And if anyone in North Brisbane that could help me out.

    Thank Mick

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    I can't help you with the specific bow. Unless you've been shooting for a while, draw length is a bit of a fluid thing. It's not an exact thing, although some say it is-arm span this means draw length that. That's just starting point, so make sure you can still get modules or whatever to adjust draw length a bit if it is needed (I'm not sure what system Bowtech has, if it is rotating module then your all set).

    Does the bow come all set up already, or do you have to add sight etc?

    If peep is already on the string, you would most likely need to adjust that a little bit for where you anchor and your own dimensions. Start a thread on here on all those sorts of questions when you get the bow, plenty here who can help. May overwhelm you telling it all right now.

    You would want to check the limbs over for any fractures or splinters. A soft bit of cotton wool or something slid over the limb will catch on any splinters sticking up. Look at the cams for physical damage like dings on the edges, but also to make sure they aren't warped.

    Hopefully some people with more Bowtech specific experience can add more here. Good luck with it all
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    As above there may be some play in whether the calculated draw length actually suits you (due to string stretch, d-loop length etc). Your best bet is to set it at your calculated draw length, then have someone take some photos of you at full draw and compare to photos of correct form
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