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    Couple of LH Compounds

    Hi all,

    Advertising for a mate in the Newcastle area, any queries give him a message or a call.

    Hoyt vector 35 70# 28" LH excellent condition $400
    Bowtech insanity cpxl 80# 29" LH brand new condition $500 may consider swap for recurve .

    His number is 0412690168.

    Or send me your details and I can pass them on.

    Schafer Silvertip Recurve 65#
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    Both bows are sold pending funds. Cheers
    Schafer Silvertip Recurve 65#
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    Thank Gawd!!!

    That bloody Bowtech's been haunting my dreams.

    The battle between "80lb is waaaay too much" and "but how much performance would I really sacrifice if I dropped it from peak weight" to "it's only $500, have a punt"... Brother you have no idea!
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    Hahaha if you're thinkin that way I may have a New Breed Blade SS in 70-80# @ 29" up soon. Its only had 20 odd shots through it. I like the bow but I just can't bring myself to shoot it. Everytime I pick it up I can hear my Schafer whimper in the corner and the wheely bows just not doing it for me! Its a brand spanking new bow and the bow alone cost me almost $1800 including shipping and taxes. I'll keep you informed if you want (It will be going for a steal as I still have to pay for my new Big Jim Thunderchild longbow due in March).
    Schafer Silvertip Recurve 65#

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