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    Have a look on Stickbow Classifieds and Archery Talk forums in the USA. I have bought a few bows off them and got great bows.
    Try to stay under $1000 Aus including postage as I had customs hold my Black Widow PCHX for taxes as the seller had put an insurance value on the postage docket that was over $1000 Aus. But as I had paid the seller using PayPal and had a receipt that was under the $1000 Aus as soon as I emailed a copy of the receipt, Customs released the bow. Another way is to get it sent in two packages.
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    Mate Ill put it out there. Blackwidow bows are the best hunting bow available.
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    Calling all Blackwidow owners

    Thanks guys
    Blackwidow it will be then !

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    Morning Matt,

    As well as Leatherwall, have a look at the US Tradtalk and Archerytalk classifieds. If the seller won't send to Aus, set up an Auspost US address for the bow to be sent to. My last recurve cost Aus$57 for postage using their service and took about 2 weeks for delivery. Only drawback is it will have to be a takedown as a one piece exceeds their dimension specs. Cheers
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    Calling all Blackwidow owners

    Thanks Pete. I'll into it
    I've been having a look on that tradtalk.
    Btw the bearpaw longbow is a real beauty mate . Very pleasant to shoot

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