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    Leatherstone tinder pouch kits.

    Handmade traditional tinder pouch kits, made from aussie bovine leather and with qld red deer antler fasteners and handles.
    Ferro rod is 8mm diameter and they average about 200mm with the handle.
    Each kit is prestocked with waterproof tinder, char cloth and fat wood.
    They come in our beautiful fur lined presentation boxes and would be a kick ass gift for the right person.
    $69 tyd.
    We had over 20 of these a week ago and most have been sent overseas so would like to see some stay in Aus.
    5 left.
    4 left.
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    G'day Rhino.
    Very nice work! I will take one if you still have any left. My Son is a keen Deer hunter, I am sure he would appreciate the quality workmanship. If you would like to Pm me your details I will arrange payment.
    Cheers Kjell.
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    Last one left.
    Heres a link to view some of my other work if anyone is keen to have a look- cheers Rhino
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    Nice work....

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