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    Couple more blades.

    I was recently asked by a Forum member to make a small skinning and boning knife set, just thought I would share it here simply because I love what I do

    Coming up with a plan.

    Handles still need profile work, but almost ready for hardening.

    Sheath issues. Working out the logistics of how to run the thread and when and where to start on each piece. IMG_20171218_210546.jpg

    And heres the finished product, an exceptional set of high performance hunting blades, handmade from brand new D2 carbon steel billet, handle is qld blackbutt burl and uv treated resin composite.
    Bolsters and pins are 416 stainless. The rod is 8mm diameter and around 180mm long.
    Im actually a bit sad to see these ones go, I would love to own a set like this in D2 steel.

    Cheers for looking bowhunters, Merry xmas everyone.
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    Fantastic mate love ya work!
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    Geez they look terrible I think you should send them to me and make some more for the other bloke lol
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    Wicked Man, I've always thought a custom made knife would be nice after all the years using trade knives, then there is that question of price.

    Figure that with all the work that a custom knife maker puts into a blade the financial return for each hour it takes to create not only a masterpiece but a functional blade with a soul, I'm gunna need a seat. Always the way if you need to know the price you can't afford it, so at this stage I won't ask.
    Rhino, from the pics looks like your on the top of your game, one day I will ask the price, for a traditional workhorse blade.
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