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Thanks for sharing Ed,
In 2016 my wife went down with heat stress in SW QLD.
We were both well hydrated but due to the conditions, her body could not regulate it’s core temp properly,
Many people who don’t experience the outdoors the way we do think thar dehydration and heat stress are the same thing.
Whilst dehydration is a major contributor to the symptoms of heat stress, as you have mentioned in your original post, they are not the same thing. All the hydrolite on the planet is of no use if you can’t regulate your core temp.
Dr Cashews, good post, I read through the above and agree with you. Years ago I was on a hunt in silly temps, properly hydrated with enough salts and I and another went down with heat stress we were lucky a third member understood what was happening as we just ground ourselves into the deck with physical effort not understanding what was happening.

Water and salts are crucial, but so is understanding that in high or extreme heat, pushing yourself hard may send your core temp higher than you can cool it down - the result isn't pretty, ruins your afternoon and can (I understand) be life threatening if you are silly enough to keep going well into the lost and dazed stage..

Summer is cranking this year, be safe and keep an eye on how lucid you or your partner is.