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Thread: Pass It Forward

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    Pass It Forward

    After a very generous offer by 5H1F7Y to give away a bow I will do my bit and offer up something to someone who can put it to good use and hopefully find something to pass it forward
    OK I have a pair of scarpa escape boots
    size 10 1/2 uk
    11 1/2 us
    I wear 10 1/2 work boot and these fit well , firm around the foot with a bit of room at the toe
    These boots are new . worn for 5 mins when I bought them a couple of years ago
    They are most suited for steep damp mountains , gortex upper and heaps of tread
    Hope someone will get some use out of them
    Will leave it open for couple of days to give everyone the chance to read
    Cheers Tim
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    Very generous mate - they're a great boot...
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    2015 PSE Full Throttle - 64#
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    Boots gone thanks for the interest fellas
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    Both have new homes!

    Hi All I thought I would give away a couple of things that I do not use, also That I have out grown...
    The first is an early model Bushnell range finder
    Please note that it is an early model, so it is not as easy to use as the ones that are available now, I have been carrying this one as a back up for the past 10 years. It takes a 9 volt battery, today I do not have one so I cant check if it works, but the last time i used it it was as good as a 10 year old range finder.

    The other is 1 dozen Ceder crested arrows with 5 inch Shield fleching,
    I did have a 65lb re-curve which I used very little, the bow is long gone but the arrows still remain.

    some will need steaming to stand the feathers up again and straighten as they have been on a rack for display for a few years.

    I am happy to pay the postage in Australia.
    I hope the new owners put them to good use :)
    Cheers Gaffy
    Last edited by gaffy; 21st January 2018 at 10:16 PM. Reason: Photo bucket blanked the Photos , I installed Imjur
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    Rang finder has a NEW Home :)

    Arrows are

    Lenght: tip to inside knock grove 33 inch...
    Tips: Im only guessing 175 grain glue on taper
    (you could heat and remove tip and cut and re taper and glue back on and weigh the tip)
    Hope this helps

    Cheers gaffy
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    Hi Gaffy

    Im keen for the arrows. Good to see the pay it forward come full circle.

    Cheyne started the pay it forward idea after I took him on a bunny hunt out of the blue a few years ago, I didn't know him, he was just a name on the forum that who didn't have access to any properties. I supplied the judo's and all.

    I guess that will mean that I will have to offer up another bunny hunt to anyone who is willing to drive to Alstonville, or meet me at my home in Murwillumbah and I can take you the 1 hour drive. Guaranteed to see Rabbits and I will guarantee you take some home. (no guarantee you will be the one bagging them though)

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    Nice offer Gaffy, good to see such generous members on the forum.
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    Thanks and NO Worries
    Both have a new home,
    Just to note Photo bucket blanked out the photos so I signed up to Imjur and couldn't find the ones from today,
    so I random selected a couple of others.

    Cheers Gaffy
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    In return of the arrows I offered a Bunny bust, which a member of the forum has taken up.
    Just have to lock in the date.

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    Quote Originally Posted by parkerperson View Post
    In return of the arrows I offered a Bunny bust, which a member of the forum has taken up.
    Just have to lock in the date.

    I was fortunate enough to go on a bunny bust with parkerperson on the weekend. Not that I busted any bunnies, my shooting is just not up to scratch to get these little fellas. In return I have got a dozen Easton jazz arrows that my son doesn't use anymore.
    Thanks heaps for the Hunt mate.

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