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    Blood, Sweat & Beers 4 ......Jackals Hide

    Just starting this thread for Paul to continue on with it.....

    WELCOME TO THE 4th (actually the 5th for those that have been here awhile....) ABF GROUP HUNT!

    This year it has been decided/suggested by Paul to run a raffle for the sponsors donated products. All present will need to buy tickets to go into the prize draw this year.....with all proceeds going to a men's health organization to be decided prior to the hunt and published beforehand...Great idea I reckon!

    We already have several companies promising to donate...if you know of anyone or you are a company that is willing to support, let us know.....


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    Top idea Mick.
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    Awesome idea.

    Looking forward to afew days out
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    After the day I've had today, I'm holding my own event this afternoon........ 'Blood, Sweat and 4 Beers' lol.

    Mick, thanks for this prompt mate, I'm very pleased to have this opportunity to raise some money for a very worthy cause and I think, given the make-up of the group being all males, choosing men's mental health is a very appropriate cause too.
    I see a chance here for multiple lucky door prizes, random giveaways, competition prizes and raffles of some of the more valuable donations through a multi-draw raffle.
    To the sponsors, some of you have been very supportive of this event in the past, and even though I haven't been involved in any previous group hunts to appreciate the value of your donations, I can certainly respect your generosity. Thank you for your past efforts and I hope you are able to help out 'Blood, Sweat and Beers 4'. For those sponsors who haven't been able to offer support in the past, but would like to support this worthwhile fundraiser, I would very much like to hear from you. Please send me a pm and we can have a chat about how you can get involved.
    So, here's your chance to show us your wares, get your products exposed to an audience of experienced bowhunters, newcomers and those of us who are in between and looking to improve what we are currently doing or using. On top of all of this, and probably more significant, is the contribution you will be ultimately making to a worthwhile charitable organization through moneys raised in the raffles.

    With all of the people showing interest so far, we should have a good mix of knowledge, experience and stories to share around the camp. It will be a great opportunity to learn a lot. No matter what level of knowledge and experience you have, there is always something to learn.
    I'm starting to get keen. 114 days to go (but who's counting right?).

    Members are coming from all over the place...Victoria, NSW, tropical Qld and I believe even a possible from WA. What an awesome event !
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    I will be donating a cutting object of some kind.....not sure if people would prefer modern and clean look or a more rustic old school look.
    Cheers KIM
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    Kimall, you're a true legend! Given that you are the one donating, I think you have the right to decide which way to go. Whichever you feel like making, go with it! Thanks heaps for your support, very much appreciated mate.
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    A quick update on the status of this year's get together.
    So far we have the following people mad keen to attend and paid deposit to me:
    Paul Graham 1967 (dodgey character)
    Daktari (uncertain but keen)

    If I've missed your name, please scream at me but I'm pretty sure I've picked up all of the deposits so far.
    There are about 6 others who have expressed interest but not yet committed to deposit as yet for various reasons, so we just have to wait and see how the coin flips for them.
    If you're keen to come along, and not yet put your name down, flick me a message either pm or in this thread and I can send you the details.
    There may be the option for some people to pick up an extra person on their travels so if you enjoy some company on the drive, and you're able to offer a lift to someone, please let us know on this thread. It might end up saving a couple of people some $ which means more raffle tickets, more rum or just a few more arrows.

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    how late can we leave notice to attend? i might be able to make the saturday and sunday june 2nd and 3rd. i won't know what i'm doing until 1st june.
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    Can we get a list up of who is going so far
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    Clinton, I really don't mind if you leave it til the last minute. The advantage of having early commitment is me having the confidence to cough up my money on behalf of the group to secure a booking. Either way I will be there. The booking has been secured.
    Don't panic if you can't be certain that you will attend but it would be great if you can make it.
    Rhino, see my post above mate, names listed of those who are coming.
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