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    Raffle tickets are starting to sell. Anyone who can't make it to the group hunt and wants to buy some tickets in the multi-draw, please pm me and we'll make it happen. Tickets are $5 each. I'll put up a list of prizes over the next day or so when I can be sure I've got them all listed. Still a couple of donations coming in so it should be a very successful event for us all.
    Let's get it crankin' guys. Not long to go now so it's time to start firing up the enthusiasm, dusting off the swag and get our sh!t sorted !
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    Quote Originally Posted by assassin View Post

    Sponsors to commit so far are listed below:

    Gidgee Sticks/Van Diemens Broadheads

    Jackall Australia- Fishing Lures

    Kayuga Hunting & Broadheads

    Outback Broadheads

    Kim Lorentzen's Handmade Creations


    Northern Broadheads

    Howie's Varmint Busters

    Cotton Tail Tumblers

    Matt Webb's Wild Harvest & Working Labradors

    2-Blade Productions

    Widow Maker Broadheads & Arrows

    Antler Anarchy

    OzCut Broadheads

    Scott Meadows/ VPA ;

    "ricochet" has donated a new pair of camo Lamellar pants to raffle....

    Peter.P.Ryan - Author/ Hunter/ Writer has donated a signed copy of his latest book!

    "Daktari"...Keith has donated 1 of his favorite knives and several hundred feathers...

    "Tenterfield Hunter"...Dowdy is making 1 of his awesome handmade Lures to donate!!

    There have been many responses of maybe/or will get back to you, from all the suppliers/manufacturers I have contacted too!

    We'll keep you updated as it comes to hand. And will also add contact details and website info for the sponsors as I can....

    If we can each buy $50 worth of $5 tickets in the raffles, with 20 people there, that is $1,000 we can donate to our chosen men's help charity Mates4Mates.


    Who has the book by P.Ryan? I will make up an ABF group hunt custom leather dustcover with my legendary artwork if someone can swing me the dimensions in time.
    Cheers lads
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    I do mate....he sent it over to me to donate on his behalf!...

    Public Relations Officer, Head Bowhunting Instructor & past "Supreme Commander"- Pacific Bowmen inc
    Game Hunters Association of Australia inc (Foundation member)
    ABA Bowhunting Instructor
    ADA qualified measurer
    Former Game Council R Licence Examiner

    Assassin Automotive Solutions

    We'll "take care" of your problems

    Quarry Road, Murwillumbah , NSW. Ph: 0481 303965
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    Thanks a heap to Aaron for updating the design and getting these little pearlers made for us at a great price.
    Cost price is $6 so Im selling them at $15ea posted or $10ea at the hunt. All profits above cost price goes to Mates4Mates.





    Pm me if you would like to pre-order or can't make it to the hunt but you still need something respectable to keep your drink cold.
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