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Thread: Bunya Nuts

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    Bunya Nuts

    Hi all,
    With an interest in bush tucker i excitedly noted a bunya tree on the ride home which was dropping cones, so i gathered two up and decided to give them a go. Heavy and awkward i found the best way to crack them was with a hatchet, enabling me to loosen out by hand, 10 minutes extraction work gave enough for a meal for two people after 30min boiling,
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    For the true trad experience next time i will make a simple stone axe and see how i fair
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    Bunya Nuts

    Any good to eat, or just fuel for the body?


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    Worst pine cone to have drop on a vehicle.
    They go alright on the bbq wrapped in foil with salt, butter and garlic.
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    Anything tastes good with salt, butter and garlic. LOL
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    Cook them in the water after making corn meat until they split.....MMMMM.
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    I think there is a bunya tree at work. Vicious short leaves that are pretty sharp, and spiral around the branch-that sound like the one? Google search shows it sounds like what we have, but is there any similar trees that are inedible and could be mistaken for it?

    Sounds pretty cool!
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    apparently bunya nuts have been spread across australia away from their traditional pockets over the last 100years, so could well be a bunya nut tree. I lightly salted mine post boiling, but will definately have to try them on the bbq rhino, did you just roast the nuts or the whole cone?
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    they dont have a very individual or different taste, but are 40% carbs, potatoes are about 20%. so they are a great energy source. I just drop the cones on the concrete , then peel the husk off all the nuts. put the nuts in the fridge for a week or two and they tend to get a little sweeter . then I split the nuts with a pair of secartures or shears . slice the nut into thin slices and wash under the tap. then pan fry in olive oil with garlic and smokey paprika .

    the trick is not to cook for too long ,as the nuts tend to go hard and almost inedible. eat as they are or throw into a salad ..
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