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    .....Keep talking..... :D.... 55lb sounds good
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    Hi Lizard thanks for the offer mate but 65# would put me in hospital!
    I currently have 40 and 50 and i am looking ( i should have said) for 35# or even 30#.
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    I've shot both and they are great bows. Stable and accurate but lack the feel of wood bows. I borrowed a friends buff at #45 and it was like a laser, recently shot her sartori with border limbs and that was a step above. I'd still prefer my tolke any day. I am a sucker for timber trad bows.
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    They're OK,very overpriced,and not that fast IMO. Predators blitz them. Overall I was fairly disappointed in my Buffalo considering it was designed and endorsed by Fred Eichler.
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    Hoyt Recurve Question.

    I had a Hoyt gamemaster II, replaced it with a predator. The predator is definitely my preference, but the Hoyt was noticeablely quicker.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Turner View Post
    Hi mate Buffalos are a great bow fast accurate, shoot where you look and look good and take a hammering.
    You can adjust draw weight by 5% of peak limb weight and the tiller is also very adjustable if you want to adjust it for different shooting styles; split, 3 under, string walking etc.
    They are the fastest recurve i have shot by a significant amount and that was testing a number of the same weight through chronos.
    I think the main issue is that they use the Hoyt Formula system, hence the speed and they are not ILF which makes the limbs harder to get and more expensive hence people are always on the lookout for second hand sets for sale.
    If you know of any buff limbs for sale i am always interested.
    Hi Ian I have a set in good nick i think they are 60lb
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