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    rest in peace my little mate

    this is my seven month old pup20180222_191548.jpg20180222_191553.jpgI took her out for a poke around the bush yesterday , we were sitting on the side of a gully watching some deer about fifty yards away , she was on her lead sitting about four foot from me when some piece of sh&t shot her and I had to put her out of her misery . the shot came from from high on the ridge , I have lost one of the best dogs around she saved me from doing myself in and she will forever be missed . to the maggot who did this and I hope someone on this forum will someday find out who did it , I live in porepunkah vic I would hope you would let me know as im now hunting you and I will find you, in my books you are a dead man walking , I saw you running to your motor bike like a coward , the cops know and the whole town knows , I will beat you down with my fist unlike you I wont hide behind a rifle you piece of sh#t. and if what I have written gets me banned so be it , rest in piece my beloved BELLA 03-08-2017 to 07-03-2018
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    don't need to be armed to find peace
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    Ah jeez mate my sincere condolences i know how much you loved Bella and what she did for you and i hope the ar__hole gets caught.
    Admin please dont ban ed his is a good bloke that has been dealt a severe blow.
    Cheers and all thje best mate
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    Condolences Ed, i really hope this person falls into your hands mate.. what a piece of scum. If you get down and need to vent just om me and ill give you my number mate. Hope ur ok
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    rest in peace my little mate

    That's rough mate, hopefully the cops can get the bloke. Did you get a good look at the moto?

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    Dead man just doesnt know it...... what he did is murder......
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    That’s a real shame to read mate. Sorry to hear....
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    Sorry for your lose ed.

    Hope they cross your path.
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    Sorry for your loss mate
    Hope you find this scum bag soon
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    There are some very disturbed people out there, anyone that would shoot a pet dog has some serious issues, hopefully he will get caught soon. Sad for your loss Ed.
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    oh my goodness, that has made me most annoyed (severe understatement) for two reasons - one, the scumbag killed your beloved dog, that is a crime in itself, and two, that was way TOOOO close to being YOU. That person is not only sick, he is very dangerous. My thoughts are with you Ed.
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