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    Born and Raised Outdoors

    I have been watching the youtube channel Born and Raised Outdoors hunting Elk and what a great watch. At present I'm into the series Born and Raised Outdoors Land of the Free which is Elk hunting for 50 days in 5 States on public lands the miles these guys do is insane well worth a look at the brotherhood bond they share.


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    Yeah mate. I’ve been onto those fellas for twelve months or so now. Real good channel hey. Couple of normal type lads that seem to be in it for the right reasons. The land of the free project is a cracker. Good way to get their points across too. I’ve even got a few hats and shirts if theirs as well hey. Drop them an email. You’ll be surprised mate. They will respond just as a mate would. Cheers
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    Im upto about epidsode 35 I think. I cant get enough of elk hunting haha.

    They're great dudes, met them at the ATA show.
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    Bloody awsome bunch the land of the free was great i watched it as they released each episode. Be great to do that here in Aussie. I hunt only state forest and its a hard slog each time but im grateful we have free land to hunt . we should use it or we will lose it let the land of the free continue
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    Just started watching it after you posted it here. Seems like a good show, enjoyable to watch and they don't hype themselves up etc.

    I've pondered hunting shows a bit. Happened onto Meateater on netflix, really enjoyed watching that, didn't have a host that was full of himself, and the focus wasn't on him shooting something, but more the hunting and dealing with animals. Netflix then put me onto "The Hunt"........made it through 1 episode of that! This host trains 4hrs each day to go hunting. This host takes the biggest game in the country. This host has watermelon sized t..... It was just all about the host guy, with the focus on him shooting something, not the whole hunt. These born and raised guys seem more like Meateater and less like a bunch of tossers.

    Thanks for posting up. Something else to distract me from uni work!
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    One of the main guys was co-host on the western bowhunter podcast (formerly full draw full time) with south Cox, some of their multi part 'live' podcasts recounting hunts in public land were fantastic.

    As far as the YouTube stuff I got a bit sick of it. There was an episode or two where the baldy bloke with the goatee was stuffing shots left and right, some at point blank range. One wounded and unrecovered, next day he lucked out and hit one in an artery in the back leg and dropped. Seemed pretty obvious he had target panic and with all their soul searching over lost animals it seemed a bit disingenuous to keep taking pot shots without addressing the issue.

    That aside they're dropping elk left and right and it seems like every one they have to have an emotional break down and dry hump each other. Bit too American for me. That being said they do seem like genuine nice dudes. I should give them another go when I get more enthused about hunting sometime.

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