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    A walk around some local mountains for fitness

    Hi all,

    I got access to a good block close to home so decided to go for a big walk for some fitness. I took my bow because the place is full of goats and I think it'll be a good spot to hone my skills before the 2018 fallow rut. I didn't get a goat but I got really close; I was within 25 yards of a billy but he followed his mob as they fed away and he never turned broadside. I could have shot heaps of the nannies beforehand but I was holding out for the billy. Anyway, all good fun and I'm in no rush to get my first kill with the bow. Here are some pictures I took.

    Good dam on the way up the mountain.

    A nice little soak in a shady creek. The goats like these rocks.

    Cool trees up in the creek.

    Putting a stalk on.

    It didn't happen for me. I followed the mob for a little bit but lost them. When I came back to the clearing, another mob had moved in. They didn't last long however as the wind was wrong and they took off fairly quickly.

    A photo of me at the clearing.

    My bow and backpack.

    Nice view from the top.

    Zamberlans are about a year old and they're doing a good job so far, although some of the little bits of tread have broken off from walking in rugged stuff.

    Nice view again.

    Where I left my car.

    When I got back to the car. You can see the bench where I was sitting up the back.

    Another spot on the drive out.

    Thanks for looking.
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    You take some cracker pictures mate. Well done to you. Cheers
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    Nice hog wallow in that dam mate.

    Great pics
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    good looking country , is this were you will hunt your fallow. looking at that wallow you might bump into some pigs.
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    Cheers, fellas. I like to take photos. I think I'm going to buy a Peak Design Capture clip so my camera is more readily accessible. Carrying my bow in one hand and my tripod with my camera on it in the other was a huge pain in the steep stuff, so I ended up putting my camera in my pack and strapping my tripod to my pack, and then just got the camera out each time I stopped.

    I'll need to figure out a better solution when I start trying to film the hunts, but one step at a time first.

    There are heaps of pigs here. The cocky is putting crop in this year nextdoor to some National Park so I'll get stuck into them. I'll probably rifle hunt plenty of the pigs because he'll need me to make a decent dent in the numbers, but it might be a case of bowhunting in the afternoons and then spotlighting when the sun goes down.

    I won't be hunting the fallow here. I've heard whispers of limited deer numbers in this sort of area but it doesn't really hold any deer. I get 2 weeks off during the rut so I'll go up to my deer spots and live there over those 2 weeks. I'm just using this new spot to get fit and get used to bowhunting a bit so I don't have to learn as much on the go during the rut. Hell; if I end up not being confident with my bow before the rut I'll just end up rifle hunting anyway.
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    good stuff bud, best of luck with it.


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