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    Looking a gift horse in the mouth

    Getting ready for work this morning, our GSD was barking and carrying on. We often get foxes through and the neighbours dog sometimes runs off and comes for a visit so I wasn't too interested. After letting our Jack Russell out of the outside laundry, he took off and a flurry of barking and snarling started. Wondering if the neighbours dog had wandered into the front yard, I called the dogs and they raced around the corner of the shed chasing something brown. My first thought was the springer spaniel from next door had pushed through the fence, but the dogs were too intent on doing some serious damage before I realised it was a fox. Before I was able to call the dogs off, the GSD had grabbed the young fox and started shaking it like a rat, with the Jack Russell hanging on for dear life as well. Managing to get the dogs off and locked up, the young fox staggered off obviously unwell and tried to hide in the shed. Pushing it into a corner, it lay down and more or less gave up and just lay there staring at me trying to look scary. I ducked back into the house, made up an arrow with a broadhead and returned to take a point blank shot putting it out of it's misery. I can't stand foxes and feel no compunction about killing one, but that almost felt dirty.

    First fox, not that I'll be counting it!

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    Nah, it counts. Its just like using hounds and bay dogs to tree bears or cougars n chit.
    Our cattle dogs used to play with foxes on the farm I grew up on, unless they knew we were watching then they would chase it off.
    Nothing worse than patting your dog and then having your hands smell of fox piss.
    Give them dogs a big bone. Who's a good boy
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    Hah, lucky! And one less, it totally counts. Foxes sit 10m over the fence in the neighbours property. Won't cross the fence line because the dogs or we will get them and they have learned the idiot greeny pot smoking fireweed growing neighbour won't let anyone get them.
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    Hahahahaha it counts in my books.
    I be proud of the dogs as well
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    Looking a gift horse in the mouth

    +1 what Stu said.

    Good story. Bonus, you could trim the inside of a leather quiver with his furry little fox hide to quiet it.

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    Only good fox is a dead one in my books, well done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dwmac View Post
    +1 what Stu said.

    Good story. Bonus, you could trim the inside of a leather quiver with his furry little fox hide to quiet it.

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    Yep x2, nice looking coat on that fox.
    Dave, ffs where have you been hiding? I've missed your witty comments old son. The forum has been pretty ordinary of late, even more so with no more captain Carl Brown on board. Good to see your still about mate.
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    There is no place for foxes in the Australian bush, they do more harm to native animals than most other animals combined and I take them out whenever I can but I still feel kind of sorry for them. The idiot that imported them should have been hung up by the balls.
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    For sure, I feel no guilt about killing a fox - but it kinda felt like shooting fish in a barrel. Still, one less is always good so I'm not complaining.

    Did think of taking the tail for fly tying, but I was already running late for work and couldn't afford to take any more time. Need to find some time to get out and whistle up a few young pups while they're still stupid.
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    Looking a gift horse in the mouth

    Me? Had trouble remembering my password after Tapa update logged me out. Then I couldn't get the server to respond (downtime, or something). Finally sorted the p/w, it came suddenly to me in a vision, clear as mud, and hear eye yam.

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