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    A little hard to get here in Oz, you have to get someone to send from the states, but the Crispi’s are an unbelievable boot, once again a personal thing, but I’ve been through numerous brands. Currently running the summits and just ordered the non-insulated Nevada’s.
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    Currently on my second pair of Zamberlan Vioz.

    I spent a year in the first pair and they were fantastic - very comfortable, grippy, etc. Unfortunately, the sole started breaking apart prematurely. They were still under warranty so I contacted Zamberlan direct (Mountain Designs here in Auz seems to be going down the gurgler) and they sent me out a new pair from Italy.

    Faulty Vibram soles aren't a common thing so I'm confident in these new boots. I'll be living in them over the coming weeks chasing fallow so I may report back on them soon.
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    I just scored myself a pair of redback terra's, the last generation of them. I had tried them before, one of the older ones, and they sucked-felt like planks of wood under my feet. A guy convinced me to give the latest version a try, and he was right! Finding these really good, and the only boots I can find lately that give my toes enough room without being overly long. I'll try a different insole, but the one it comes with is better than most boots I've tried previously.

    Bargain for $40 and so little use I can't even tell
    eject, EJECT!!
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    Garmont T8s are brilliant.
    Great all terrain boot, light and good flex in the sole. Mine have lasted 3 yrs so far and I have no hesitation in recommending them.
    Cheers, Doc.
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    Another guy for scarpas. Been through a fair few boots( danner, kenetrek,rocky etc) and the scarpas have been a stand out for me.
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