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Thread: Yawn......

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    As the title says.....YAWN....geez things are being boring of late on this once great forum......used to log-on at least once a day to check if i'd missed anything, but now once every week or two....anyone got any ideas?
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    Dunno mate- not what it used to be, I reckon Facebook has killed it
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    Needs more nudity
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    Personally i prefer forums such as this to facebook; hate FB TOO MUCH CRAP!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Graham 1967 View Post
    Needs more nudity
    And that wasn't an open invitation to post selfies Mick! lol
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    Being a new fella to this forum I gotta say its one of the best places to find info and help.
    But since you all being going for a few years most things have been talked about so no need to start new thread just hit search and you can go back through all the chats, I have 1 million and 1 questions and answer are all on here.
    Less wankers on here also.

    So all you long time members should pat yourselves on the back and be thanked for sharing all your knowledge, and stories good and the bad.

    Again personally I don't have much to share I have 1 hunt under my belt which ended with me missing the Hare and him bouncing off laughing and I am positive he gave me the finger and said "F**K YOU" as he hopped off. cheeky motherf**ker.

    Was a good eye opener for myself being ex army thinking yeh I could hunt this easy because of my training but NO! and its a good reminder as you get older takes you longer to recover. I really need to get fit left arm is weak as....

    but while I type my dribble I have a question anyone got a fitness or workout they do to keep the old muscles and body in fine tune form? because drinking is not helping.
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    Definitely have to agree with what Ummm posted above. I'm very new to bowhunting and this has forum has been an invaluable resource for research and tips.

    Heading up to northern NSW with a mate for what I'm calling my first "real" hunt. A week of chasing deer around in the mountains. Should be fun and I'll be aiming to do a write up about it on the forums.

    And thanks to all the longtime members for sharing your tips, tricks and experiences. Really helpful and inspiring for those of us just starting out.
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    Wear your hunting boots and walk hills a lot, wear your pack now n then also just to remind you not to pack too much unnecessary stuff.
    Use a brick as a weight and practise holding it at full extension, rotate slowly, move around to different positions to strengthen all of the muscles in your shoulder.
    Target shoot as often as you can and practise at longer range than you expect to hunt.
    Don't stop drinking, that's just crazy ! ! ! !
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    Good tips Paul, I wake up every morning and shoot my bow before I do anything else, I don't have access to blocks like I used to but still believe in being hunt fit.
    As for being bored...this forum has only ever been as good as its members, so go for a hunt or do something bow hunting related then post it up and contribute.
    Imo bring back the Captain, he was one of the best contributors here, as for FB seems everyone's trying to be the next big thing and this I don't understand, Ive always hunted for myself, not for likes or sponsors or magazines.
    Want a better forum? Then contribute.
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    I think I would also add to go hunting without you rbow.
    Get out there, look for signs, scrapes, scat, diggings, burrows etc but don't go with the intention to shoot anything. Practise stalking by all means, but don't take the bow. You'll get yourself into a position where you could have had the perfect shot, but I can almost guarantee you wouldn't have made it to that point if you had been hunting proper.
    I spent years bird-watching and bush-walking and saw lots of things, it was only when I started wildlife photography that I started to see less.
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