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    Vale Paul Rea...

    It is with a massive heavy heart that I wish to advise that I heard the terrible news tonight from Marksman Quivers that our moderator, Legend of the Trad hunting scene, organizer of the 1st group hunt I attended, top bloke, and my friend....
    Paul Rea lost his short battle with cancer.....I am so gutted for such a young bloke with a young family to have gone in this way. I can't say too much more because I don't know the details....

    "Home is the hunter, Home from the hill....."

    I will see you in Valhalla mate where we will hunt the creatures that are long gone.....

    Mick McLeay
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    never new him personally, but condolences to those that do and especially to his family.

    all for one and one for all.


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    Condolences to his family and friends. I always enjoyed reading his articles.
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    Rest in peace paul
    don't need to be armed to find peace
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    Mark Pitts and I visited Paul several weeks ago at his home. he was very positive, a character trait he maintained until the end.
    he was part of experiences in NZ that will be lifelong memories for mark and i. the wilderness will be just that little bit lonelier without you with us in body but we know your spirit will be with us always.
    The degree of satisfaction gained from the accomplishment of a goal is directly proportional to the hardships and challenges overcome in order to achieve it.

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    Sad news indeed
    My condolences to his family and friends :(
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    I only knew Paul from the advice he offered in print which was always knowledgeable and helpful, he will be missed. My condolences to his family and friends.
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    Such dreadful news , my sympathies to his family . R.I.P. Paul .
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    Rest in peace .
    Condolences to his family
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