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    outserts for axis arrows

    hi guys

    I am running Easton axis 300 arrows and want to use an outsert on them to stiffen up the front of the arrow and want a weight of about 50gr or more, has anyone done this or can anyone recommend an outsert for this.
    was going to look at trying natives insert and collar set up or the victory outserts.
    Ive had the front of my arrows split before and I use the bar 5 adaptors now but want something stronger on the front.

    cheers guys
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    No, this cannot be done.

    Axis arrows have an outside diameter of about 7.6 mm (not unusual, since the internal diameter is .204 inches, or about 5.18 mm).

    Few outserts are that large because in the main, they're made for much smaller diameter shafts.

    The largest I am aware of, the Firenock AeroOutsert, goes up to a little over 6.5 mm. see here: The BloodSport One (in their largest, 300 spine) is less than that, at about 6 mm.

    You would be better going for an internal half-outsert and then strengthening the shaft with a footer. PM me for more info.
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    2018 alloy arrow fits over the axis 300. Cut a piece the desired length and epoxy onto the shaft. 50gr inserts are available by either 100gr brass inserts cut down to 50gr which is the cheapest option or alternatively, 100gr brass inserts are available which can be broken off to weigh 75gr or 50gr.
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    I use the hit brass inserts in my Axis 260s - 75gr or 100gr - work well
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    I run 50gr brass inserts and BAR 6 adapters on my axis 300s and have never had a problem with them splitting. I’m in the process of changing over to the heatseekers now due to cost considering heatseekers come with the half insert/outsert at the desired weight. Both great shafts imo.
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    I've been using 2018 easton shafts cut to 1 inch lengths as an outsert. Just glued on with araldite. I keep them flush with the end of the shaft and they go down far enough to cover the first part of the aluminium HIT insert. Haven't had any flight or splitting issues with this setup. They are a great fit (Axis 340 spine shafts) and a lot cheaper than other outserts. Its been hard finding a use for all the old aluminium shafts I have laying around.
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    thanks for the advice guys.

    I found the Easton gamegetter arrow shaft fits over well and a 1.5 inch piece weighs in at 15.9gr which gives me a nice 65-66gr on the front with the 50gr brass hit insert this made my foc jump from 11.7 to 13.8 percent which I was hoping to achieve. they butt in well to the bar adapter also, so I should now have a strong tip of my arrow.
    the Easton gamegetter fits perfect over the 260 axis arrows better and is a little loose on my 300s but not to loose just need to glue them on and do some testing.

    happy hunting
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    I use these mate on my easton axis 300s and 260s. The are called a #ctrpunch footer from ray prilliaman of razor-vpa he is also a part owner/designer of the vpa broadheads.

    They are about an inch long and slide over the arrow shaft. Only about 10 grains. Ive never had an issue before using the bar system but believe these strengthen up a great arrow imo even more so.

    If your interested let me know. He can make them for almost any arrow. Adam Greentree uses something similar
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    I'm using full quiver insert outsert weighs 55g.they look like they same insert as the native heatseeker insert eagle renegade use the same insert outsert as well
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    I have had a crack at my new collar but still yet to test it.
    I have used a 2016 alloy gamegetter 500 shaft cut down to an inch and have added the bar adaptor on as well it should be solid as an axe. the total weight of the footer is 13.9gr and the bar a 5gr and have a 50 gr brass hit insert which gave me the weight I was after polished her up and it looks awesome.
    this is the final product.

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