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    looks good. simple, cheap and effective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie Fallow1 View Post
    I'm using full quiver insert outsert weighs 55g.they look like they same insert as the native heatseeker insert outsert.black eagle renegade use the same insert outsert as well
    This works. I second it for sure. It makes the front of the arrow nice and solid compared to the standard HIT insert. Looks pretty sexy too! Cheers
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    I looked these up scotty and they look the goods but geez the postage is a killer would be awesome if I can get them here cheaper. I cant find anything else out here like these though but for the price Im going to have to bite the bullet and not get them mate.

    Quote Originally Posted by xlr8scotty View Post
    I use these mate on my easton axis 300s and 260s. The are called a #ctrpunch footer from ray prilliaman of razor-vpa he is also a part owner/designer of the vpa broadheads.

    They are about an inch long and slide over the arrow shaft. Only about 10 grains. Ive never had an issue before using the bar system but believe these strengthen up a great arrow imo even more so.




    If your interested let me know. He can make them for almost any arrow. Adam Greentree uses something similar
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