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Thread: Quite camo

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    Quite camo

    Hi all,
    Looking for advice, opinions on some quite clothing ie hunters element hydrapel, ridgeline etc

    Story goes like this, had a hunt this week in a forest over the range from Sydey & was surprised by how loud my kit was...this forest was pretty thick with blackberries and pines and when I was trying to negotiate said flora all of my gear sounded like a zipper being opened and closed (boots, pants, jacket) not to mention my winter pants swished & swooshed with every step, now you may say slow down the pace but we were going seriously slow. It was so noticable that my hunt buddy thought I was trying to get his attention all day. Hadn't noticed before as I usually hunt more open terrain in warmer weather with slightly different clothing. Pants are generic fleece lined camo as found on a certain auction site, boots high top synthetic, jacket ex army platatac smock. I spooked at least half a dozen deer & came home empty handed. I'm tall and skinny (when you ask 'how?' The answer is really to both) so how the item fits would be an advantage also
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    Have a look at Tusx gear mate. super quiet and comfy. All of my hunting gear now is Tusx and I love it.
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    Love Tusx gear only problem is they don’t have any cold weather gear. So i now have a hunters element jacket to go with my Tusx gear
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    I'm a big fan of Blackfoot - its Ausi and well made, very comfortable, they have hot and cold options and the fabric is stealthily quiet. I've had my kit, as seen in my sig, for about 10 years and still going strong.
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    Thanks for the info guys much appreciated I'll look into mentioned brands & find the best option for me. I'm a shorts wearer 365 days a year but it's cooling down over the range.
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    TUSK, quite, yeah which material is in yours, mine as noisy as hell?

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    Agree Pete the TUSX stuff that I've seen thus far didn't impress me - Id gladly send you down some of my gear - but with you big fella - my pants would probably only cover ya big toe !!
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    I like the warm weather brakenwear gear for up here in North QLD. I found the tusx gear to be fairly clingy and sometimes felt like you were wearing a shopping bag.... Each to their own on that one mate. Braken wear make cooler gear also I believe. Cheers
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    Quite camo

    I find my tusx to be quite quiet..... ;)

    Warm it is not. But some thermals over my base layer fix that pretty well.

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    I'm now running all Kuiu gear. Completely in love with it. The fabrics they use are like no other I have seen or used.
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