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Thread: Quite camo

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    If it's any help, brakenwear are having a clearance this weekend on some gear. Insulated jacket from $120 out something to $56 for example
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeterM View Post
    TUSK, quite, yeah which material is in yours, mine as noisy as hell?

    Yeah i have the same issue, I find the pants with the green bum material so bloody noisy
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    I really like my tusx stone barren pants, except for the stupid buttons below the knee that click when you walk. A knife fixes that pretty quick. Kuiu stuff is ace, especially cool weather stuff. Wait for a sale and prices are reasonable if you buy enough to get free shipping. Not an Aussie. Ompany thogh
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    Tusx is prob one of the best Camo patterns on the market but that green cordura **** on the arse and inner ankles is pretty blooding noisy.. that said I can live with it for how well it works but would prefer to see it gone and them go back to original style without it.

    Hunters element stuff I had prior was quite and good quality, was the old real tree pattern though.
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    I can't go past my sitka gear. Not cheap but worth every penny in my opinion.
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    Natural Gear brushed cotton.
    Comfy and quiet. Good value for money too.
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    Flanny and cotton pants :)
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    Quite camo

    Quote Originally Posted by Big pete joy View Post
    Flanny and cotton pants :)
    I understand the wool shirt.. but cotton ?

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    Iv been using first lite lately and love it very quiet and super comfortable
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    Just putting it out there I’ve scared a crap load of deer off but I don’t imagine that was because of noisy camo,
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