Bowhunting Downunder
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    Bowhunter Reborn....

    I have recently got back behind the bow after fulfilling a few long sort after hunting dreams with the rifle.
    Having some spare time and excellent access to some great pig country around where I live in Western NSW I hit the bush early one morning last week on the hunt for some pigs before they bed down for the day.
    It was a pretty chilly 2 degrees when I left the truck. I made my way along a scrubby paddock which runs next to a river. The river is nearly all dried up with only patchy pools remaining.
    I slowly moved through the bush whilst constantly being harassed by the local cockatoo population. Nevertheless I pushed on and after about 30 minutes I spotted my first pig for the morning. It was a solid sow feeding away on a small rise.
    I managed to close the gap to 15m before releasing a BHD and Ozcut combo hearing that 'twack'. In that moment I rediscovered my love for bowhunting and what I had been neglecting. The sow ran for around 20m before crumpling over.
    I ended up taking another 4 pigs that morning and reignited my passion for bowhunting.
    If anyone out there is in a similar spot as I was I urge you to pick the bow up again.

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    Nice one mate. Well done

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    Bowhunter Reborn....

    Real nice mate, the bowhunting bug bites hard after a good hunt, hey?


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    Nice work and a great way to rekindle the addiction
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    well done mate, good to see you back into it.


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