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    Stone glacier packs

    Gday all I am thinking of purchasing a stone glacier sky archer 6200 for multi day sambar hunts in alpine vic and hopefully a diy chamois trip next year. Has anyone else used stone glacier packs before any info would be great thanks in advance.
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    Havenít had any experience with Stone Glacier packs. Just purchased Mountain Gear Exo 3500. Definitely worth considering if your in the market for a new pack.

    Good luck with which ever pack you choose.
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    Someone had a thread going about a new stone glacier they bought, not sure if it was general forum or here in backpacking
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    Thanks for the response guy's I will sus out exo and see if I can find the thread.
    Cheers Ian.
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    Stone glacier packs

    I'm wondering how some of these top priced packs really compare to something like an Alps Outdoorz type pack for Australian terrain.

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    Cant say personal experience about SG, they do have a great reputation. I have the Exo3500 and I am really happy with that!
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    Also have the exo 3500, did a 4 day trip in the VIC HC and it was fantastic
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    Exo seams to be getting a good go I'm going to do a bit more research as I just broke 2 bones in my foot and damaged a ligament won't be needing a pack for 12 weeks min so plenty of time to choose thanks guys
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    I'm in the market for a new pack as well. Like the look of both the Exo and SG packs but to throw a spanner in the works has anyone seen or used the Moroko 30 Alpine Stalker packs?

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    I can't believe how much blokes are throwing at packs especially with the ordinary aussie dollar. They are well made and light however what's wrong with ebberleastock and macpac? You don't have to spend over 1k on a pack to save a few grams of weight. I have had my ebberleastock j34 for a few years now and although it is a little heavy it carries weight well and it is absolutely bomb proof. I would be interested to see how these light weight packs hold up over time.
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