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    Check this fella out, he makes some great gear, and all aussie made....

    Joey also can make any design that you want, just get in touch with him through the website
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    I bought an EXO 3500 a few years ago when the dollar was a bit stronger.
    I wouldn't say I bought it for weight savings, it's not ultralight by gram counters standards. One big reason I big it was I thought it was better suited to someone my height (6'6") than any other pack available.

    It is really well made, strong, comfortable, adjustable, flexible in how you can set it up, and carries really well.

    They've improved them since I bought mine.

    I would buy the 5500 if I were in the market again.
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    I have a Stone Glacier sky 5900 and its an awesome pack, super light, very strong and very adjustable in the bulk of the pack- can be used a load hauling machine or sinched up to be used as a day pack if required. One of the best features is the load shelf. The harness system is super comfy aswell, and makes carrying heavy loads feel like you have alot less on your back.
    I know I just sound like one of the sales pitches for them but they are really great packs( exo's go pretty good too) both of these packs are in the 5-6lb weight bracket

    I have owned a few packs over my hunting life and they have all been good packs but always something bugged me about them, the SG seems to leave me not wanting to look for anything better anymore.

    I have owned a eberlestock J 107 Dragonfly, and while that pack was a good bulk carrier, and can be made smaller it always was a bulky thing and they weigh close to 10lb ( which is nearly double the weight of a SG or Exo) So your not just saving a few grams, your nearly saving 2 kg on your back , which can keep you lighter and less fatigued or used for something else.

    Have had badlands packs aswell and they are virtually the same as the eberlestock in my views--good packs , were pretty good, but more weighty, and also found the harness in the badlands with less adjustability and good fit( the eberlestock fit better)

    If your looking into these new styles of packs, you wont be dissapointed. Yes they cost an arm an leg but they are worth it.
    Personally I prefer the design of the SG myself but the Exo's go great aswell.
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