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    Question Most secure and permanent adhesive for plastic fletchings?

    Fletches keep flying off. Been using Fletchtite and cleaning both surfaces with acetone but still getting the same result.

    I was wondering should just bite the bullet and use some real permanent glue such as Loctite or Superglue. Any suggestions of hints anyone?
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    I was using flechtite platinum and having great results after lightly sanding the arrow shaft and then cleaning both the shaft and vane edge with acetone. Let them dry completely and also leave the vane in the clamp for about 15mins before moving on to the next vane.
    Now I have started using Loctite 401 I think it is? There's no prep and off the clamp in about 3 mins. They stick very well, glue is easier to apply and less overloading of the glue (that may be just me being heavy-handed with fletchtite).
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    Mate prep your shafts with isopropyl alchohol from Bunnings paint dept if using wraps also clean then with it and then use the Easton primer pen and either Blazer Bond, AAE super glue (archery shop)or Loctite professional (again bunninghs) and you have to use vice grips to tear them off the shafts or wraps.
    Dont use acetone on carbon shafts its verboten by the shaft manufactureres causes breakdown of the bonding agent in the fibres apparently and also makes the bases of the vanes hard and brittle.
    Using this process i have never lost a vane and as i said i have to cut them off if i want to refletch.
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    If you never want them to come off again, like literally tear them as you take them off and have to scrape them off then Loctite 480 is the gear(its black not clear like 401 and 406). Never had a fletch come off after that, had been using Fletchtite platinum but it goes off fairly quickly.
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    The Fletchtite Platinum does a fair job if it is fresh but once opened you need to use it, but I only use it for feathers.
    My vanes will only come off if you use a sharp knife or razor, I use the superglue from the junk shops, $2 for about 8 tubes, each tube does about a dozen arrows. I don't touch the vanes and only wash the shafts down with a creamy cleanser then rinse in hot water. As with the Fletchtite you have to open a new tube every time you fletch an arrow, you can't save what you don't use.
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    Another vote for super glue of whatever variety you have at hand. I've found all brands and price ranges adhere very well, but if you need a particular property then it's worth buying the brand name (not necessarily for fletching). I'm going to try gel stuff next to see if it's a bit neater with fletching

    A tip for ca/super glue is to store it in the fridge. Will last a lot longer than in the garage or whatever. I'm just not sure how it goes with those little metal tubes that magilla was taking about, those things seem to set in the tube in record time once opened normally.Might work though, worth a try
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    Loctite professional - in the blue bottle
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    Go to wraps,I use to have trouble when I went to the cape with fletcher coming off,never had one come off with wraps,go to your local signwriter and get some of there offcuts cheap as chips
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    Cheap superglue from the $2 shop has never let me down fletchtite is garbage IMHO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dodgy View Post
    Go to wraps,I use to have trouble when I went to the cape with fletcher coming off,never had one come off with wraps,go to your local signwriter and get some of there offcuts cheap as chips
    I agree! Tried the other methods mentioned but wraps and any type of super glue/locktite work great. Plus I find my Arrows are easier to find when they don't go where they are supposed to.

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