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    bows and bullets

    Long time in the making of this 13 years to be exact
    pic 1
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    Ever since Liv was very young she seen and herd all about my hunts and has used a bow from when she could walk but the bow hunting is just a bit out of a lot of kids reach so we have been doing the gun thing with her and she seems to love it.

    So Dec last year of to NZ we went to shot a chamie with my mate Bruce lots of helie hunting had very low numbers and only one buck seen but try as she may we couldnt get him but the sead was sown .

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    Good on you mate parenting done right..
    Cheers KIM
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    Nice... well done great photos of the NZ country side
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    Awesome mate!
    Sitting back from your trophy to make it appear bigger only makes you look smaller!

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    Brilliant. Best hunting partner anyone could ask for!
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    With a fallow deer hunt falling through i were on the look out for a hunt for Liv to get her first kill when an old mate moved to town and offered to take Liv on a guide tiny rusa hunt good onya Luke Dicko so lots of overtime later i had the hunt payed for and of we went .

    There was a lot of rut sign about in one area and but the other spots all the stags were still in velvet
    pic 5
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    The place is well worth the cost
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    This is about the best stag we say .He was about the first day but after a few gun shots by John the other hunter in camp he went into stealth mode and didnt show back up untill the last morning we were there.
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    Nice work by the young lady
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