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Thread: Newbie Knifes

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    Newbie Knifes

    Little story about my first serious attempt at some knifes.

    I was asked by my 2nd boy aged 7 "can you make a knife?"
    which I answered "yeah sure"
    him "can you make me a knife"?
    Me "yeah sure"
    at the end of the conversation somehow a date was set on the calendar for me to start making a knife for both boys.

    The months got closer to the June date, I was doing all I could to rub off his writing on the calendar with no luck, so I resigned to the fact that I would have to make a start.
    The plan was to use files, but I got some sound advise by Kimall to use known steel to begin with.

    Little did I know that there is a lot involved in turning a steel blank into something worn on your belt.

    I started with 2 90mm blade, 1075 steel, 4.3mm thick pairing knife blanks from Gameco, I had to add a bit on the back of each handle for the pommel. I was looking for a bushcraft style knife.

    Lots of reading and watching youtube, then testing out stitches, acid etching etc and 3 weeks later I have 2 knifes that I thought I would share.

    I would be guessing that each knife took me at least 10 hours each and cost close to $50 in materials alone.
    After spending so much time with these "small" knifes I am wondering if the knife I carry is to big.

    Of course some obligatory photos taken in the garden.

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    Good work mate makes you SUPER DAD now I think. The sheaths are bloody fantastic work..
    Cheers KIM
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    Nice, and I've got to agree the sheaths look great
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    Awesome work something the kids will cherish forever
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    made his day i bet, great work
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    They look great mate, much better than just buying them something
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    Thanks guys

    Bit of a learning curve, I reshaped the blade bevel 3 times before I was happy, when I went to put on the lansky sharpening kit at 25' it would touch half way up the blade with the first convex shape I cut, ended up with a V straight. Glad I tested this before hardening.
    Next time I will be drilling out some material from the tang to reduce some weight.
    I started with a bench grinder and linisher, but the best tool I found was a half round file and a rasp for the timber.

    I think it could become somewhat addictive, I have been looking into building a knife forge, I borrowed a friend of a friends forge to heat treat them and Im thinking about making more knifes in the future.

    Had the kids sharpen every pencil in the house, cleaving saplings etc, no doubt there will be some fingers cut, so I will keep a good stock of bandaids.
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    Excellent work Clinton. Gets me inspired.

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    Look the goods mate..nice work
    hunting the new england
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    They’re awesome,much better than an Xbox
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