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Thread: Newbie Knifes

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    Nice work, gotta love a hand made knife.
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    Quote Originally Posted by parkerperson View Post
    Little story about my first serious attempt at some knifes.

    I was asked by my 2nd boy aged 7 "can you make a knife?"
    which I answered "yeah sure"
    him "can you make me a knife"?
    Me "yeah sure"
    at the end of the conversation somehow a date was set on the calendar for me to start making a knife for both boys.

    The months got closer to the June date, I was doing all I could to rub off his writing on the calendar with no luck, so I resigned to the fact that I would have to make a start.
    The plan was to use files, but I got some sound advise by Kimall to use known steel to begin with.

    Little did I know that there is a lot involved in turning a steel blank into something worn on your belt.

    I started with 2 90mm blade, 1075 steel, 4.3mm thick pairing knife blanks from Gameco, I had to add a bit on the back of each handle for the pommel. I was looking for a bushcraft style knife.

    Lots of reading and watching youtube, then testing out stitches, acid etching etc and 3 weeks later I have 2 knifes that I thought I would share.

    I would be guessing that each knife took me at least 10 hours each and cost close to $50 in materials alone.
    After spending so much time with these "small" knifes I am wondering if the knife I carry is to big.

    Of course some obligatory photos taken in the garden.

    Awesome Clint! That is a chit hot effort mate!
    Sitting back from your trophy to make it appear bigger only makes you look smaller!

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    Awesome effort, I guess the kids can take them to school and show all of their mates. A few cut fingers is better than a day sitting in front of the computer. Well done.

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    Great work, love the leather.
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    Newbie Knifes

    What sort of steel did you use? Where did you get it?

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    I got the blanks from artisan supplies. There is $20 postage.

    The steel was 1075, the blanks came annealed, so needed to be hardened.

    If I was to do it again (all the reading I did didn't tell me this):
    1. dye the leather before putting any water on it, I had a shocker with the leather turning green at first.
    2. etch the blade before attaching the scales as I wasnt looking forward to sanding / polishing it out if it went wrong with the scales on.
    3. Get more steel for the sake of $10, I was a nervous wreck working with with no back up steel.
    4. Forget the grinder and go straight to files.
    5. Check that your sharpener contacts where you want it to before starting the polishing process.
    6. Drill out the tang of surplus weight.
    7. Work with the pieces at a comfortable height, I ended paying for being hunched over to hip height for hours on end.
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