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Thread: First goat

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    First goat

    This is my first goat taken with a bow, had been stalking him and two other billies for about an hour, I got him at about 30-35 metres with one arrow he went about 20 meters and was down absolutely wrapped,

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    that's how happy I am I sent the picture twice. bloody computers
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    Good work mate well done what bow and arrow set up mate.?
    Cheers KIM
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    its a Martin ML-10 70#@28", I was using gold tip traditional 7595 with I think they were magnus 2blade heads not sure I pinched them of my old man. worked allright what ever they were
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    Nice mate.
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    Good stuff mate..the firsts are always great memories that last forever...nice billy
    hunting the new england
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    Cracking Billy bud, well done
    Live Forever Or Die Trying.
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    Well done!
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