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    Self Guided Cape York

    This post is to gauge if there is any interest in Self guided Hunts to Cape York or Club Hunts to Cape York.

    I am looking at opening up approx. 100,000 acreas to hunting for self guided hunts only. The hunts will give access to a Bush camp that will be preset with...Camp cooking area, shower and drop toilet...also each camp will most likely be within walking distance from fishing for Barra and assorted fish.

    Hunts will be on a daily basis with minimum stay of 5 days and 2 hunters with Club hunts at minimum 10 hunters.

    Prices looking at $100 per day per person (individuals) & Club Hunts $50 per day per person.

    Looking at starting next year so If interested send me a PM or email this way I can present to owner for consideration.

    Hunts starting June ending October....

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    Sounds like a great opportunity Mick and I dont think you will have any problems with gaining interest and filling spots. Good luck with it!
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    I'd be keen, sounds like very reasonable pricing for getting access to the cape.

    Any takers for group hug 2019?

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    Yep interested in that for sure!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wightamus View Post
    I'd be keen, sounds like very reasonable pricing for getting access to the cape.

    Any takers for group hug 2019?

    mate you beat me to it, my thoughts exactly. I`m there
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    Interested for sure
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    Wheel chair access for us old farts I hope lol, mate Mick that sounds a great deal, have to work out how to get there, flight prices etc, or car pool, would definitely make a great group hug/hunt.
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    I am IN!!!
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    Just out of interest Mick, what game does the block have on it?
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    Yep I will put my hand up for this. Self guided is my preference and it is fairly hard to find properties up north that offers this. Big thumbs up from me!
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