Apex Archery
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    Sounds like a winner of an idea Mick - definitely interested.
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    Def in!
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    I told you the another night Mick that the group hug/hunt would be in for sure! I'm in...

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    Guys it is for hogs with some dingoes,cats and barra fishing....Can not offer Scrub Bulls at this stage.

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    If 10 of us from Bowhunting Australia qualifies as a "club hunt" at $50 per person per day I'd be interested too.

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    Count me in ! I need a good road trip
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    Would definitely be interested. Be great to take my son and dad up there for a hunt. It has been far to long since the last time.
    :) Sitting Bull :)
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    Self Guided Cape York

    Quote Originally Posted by Wightamus View Post
    I'd be keen, sounds like very reasonable pricing for getting access to the cape.

    Any takers for group hug 2019?

    Group hunt 2019. That is a brilliant idea. Please keep us posted, I am there for sure.

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    count me in on this one Mick
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    I'd be very keen to come across from the NT mate, pretty sure i could drag the old mans bum up there too.
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