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    Trouble paper tuning halon 6

    Bought the bow brand new yesterday and started paper tuning it yesterday and today noticed arrows werent flying right but hitting target ok at 20 meters set up the paper tune and getting a massive nock high tear tried adjusting the sight didnt do anything actually made it worse not sure where to go from here everything I read states this type of tear is an easy fix however I'm struggling 20180809_172813.jpg
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    Ok just noticed my fletchings are taking the felt off the new QAD test anyone have a fix for this?
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    Yes if you getting vane contact your rest probably isn't correctly timed - so readjust the rest so it raises in the last 2 inches of the arrow at full draw - also make sure the cock vane is up - also you make no mention of the arrows - so do step 1 before moving onto the arrows.
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    If it's a QAD Hunter rest it could be bounce back, it is a common problem with them and that is the tear you would be seeing.
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    Yep I’d be looking at the rest
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    Definitely was the rest its a qad mathews test so bounce back isnt a problem however the screw holding the cable came loose and just wasnt matching the two lines up will shoot again this afternoon and see
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    Update have shot about 30 arrows through arrows flying better but getting a small nock left tear now about 3/4 inch long moved my rest as close as I can to the riser without fletchings hitting the cable still no good checked arrow spine on easton chart its bang on for my poundage of 60lb 29 inch arrow with a 340 spine any advice greatly appreciated
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    Set the rest at centre shot at 3/4 to 13/16 from riser to the centre of the shaft. Set the arrow to go straight through the Berger holes. And start off with the arrow dead square. Check timing and sync make sure they are spot on. More so make sure draw stops hit at full draw. You can start with Fletched shaft if you like at 6ft from the paper and see how it years. You can do a couple of things, 1 is either move the rest to fix the tear, or the best way is to change out the top hat bushings which moves the cams left or right to fix the tear. If you have to move the rest too far from centre shot then I would definitely be changing top hat bushings
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    Thanks buckman looks like its top hat swapsies for me as the rest is touching the riser and still not fixing the issue just really annoys me when you have to do this and it's a common problem with the halons and now you have to spend more money yay
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