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Thread: First Billy

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    First Billy

    G'day gang, I think this story is in the latest BDU magazine but figured I'd chuck it up here aswell for anyone that's interested. Cheers!

    Being a father of 4 kids 6 years old and under, time isn't always on my side when it comes to getting out for a hunt, ideally you'd spend a whole day out walking the hills lokking for game but i generally only get 3 - 4 hours in the arvo or mornings to get out for a look, and while my better half is very understanding that's just the way it is when you've got a busy household.
    This was the case when I set out for a quick afternon hunt and another go at getting my first stinker's head for the wall. As such, I wasn't particularly optimistic, I'd already had a few attempts at taking my first Billy prior to this hunt, I'd seen a few and blown stalks, and taken a younger goat for meat a couple months prior, but I only had a few hours up my sleeve today which meant I'd have to cover as much ground as quickly as possible in order to find some animals.
    I set off from the vehicle after whacking on the bino harness and pack, bow in hand and with a good cross breeze to work my way up and back the face of a hill along a couple of old abandoned tracks to make the going a bit easier and allow me to cover a bit more gound without having to force my way through too much of the thick stuff.
    I walked my way to my pre-designated turn-around spot without too much excitment, a bit of sign here and there but nothing particularly fresh, no bleats etc so I stopped for a quick cuppa and a bite to eat before heading up the hill for a bit and then back in the direction of the vehicle on the next abandoned track.
    I'd only travelled maybe 500mtrs before I heard the tell-tale bleats of goats followed by the cracking of horns clashing, just a little above me on the hill and directly up-wind. I stopped for a minute to listen and have abit of a think about how I was going to approach through the thick bush between me and them, thick bush is good for cover but makes for a noisy approach with the amount of leaf litter on the ground. I had a quick look and found the nearest roo pad leading up the hill in the general direction of the noise, which sounded like a good little mob of goats maybe a dozen or so was my guess. I picked my way along the pad making sure to choose my foot steps carefully and before long i was into about 70 meters of a good little mob holding 6 or 7 nannies, a few younger animals and 3 or 4 billies having a row over a nanny in season.
    There was one old nanny in the mob that was constantly on high alert, lifting her head and looking around etc, luckily I picked her out early and made sure I kept an eye on her, the wind was still constant and I made sure I chose my time to move in very carefully. Of the 4 billies in the mob there was a couple of better specimens, nothing huge but I'd been hunting for a few years now and still had nothing on the wall to show for it, I'd taken a younger goat for meat on an earlier trip so I wasn't going to go home without something to show for all the effort I'd put in to get this close.
    Slowly but surely over the next 45 minutes I made my way in to 29 meters of them, and propped beside a tree waiting for a shot to present itself. Standing beside the tree I watched the billies jump up and throw their heads down on each other over and over again thinking to myself "Gee whiz these blokes have got rocks in their heads", it didn't take long before a tan coloured billy with a nice cape stood up with his front legs on a fallen tree broadside basically sending out an open invitation to send an arrow into the boiler room. I didn't need to be asked twice so without hesitation I drew back, settled the pin, and let the arrow fly. I watched the vanes dissapear into the spot where my 30mtr pin had been, and old mate have a bit of a jump and a kick and wander off down the hill with the staggers up before piling up about 20 meters away.
    The rest of the mob however, didn't even bat an eyelid. The rest of the billies just kept on smashing skulls most likely happy to have one less bloke to worry about and the nannies appeared to be none the wiser, I was contemplating sending another arrow towards a nice white billy but then remembered I was still about 3kms from the vehicle and on a time limit, so just sat and watched and as luck would have it they moved off shortly after that anwyay. I went and collected my arrow, covered in good blood just the way we like them, and strolled down to inspect my quarry, he had an even nicer cape up close shame the bloody things stink so bad, and a nice set of curly horns a touch under 30" from memory, not huge by any means but for my first Billy I was happy as Larry!
    I made it home to the Mrs and kids early, the kids were all interested in seeing the fruits of my endless days of wandering in the bush, even my wife seemd to be excited for me to finally have broken my hoodoo of coming home without a head, although there was a fair amount of muttering something about 'stinks, not bloody coming inside' etc etc...
    He's made a nice euro mount on my back patio, and the ony thing left to do now is to get back out there and see if I can get an upgraded model!
    West Australian Bowhunter
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    Nice one! Gotta love it when it all comes together for you.
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    Awesome mate, a memory to last a life time. Well done

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    Congrats on the billy & a well written hunt.
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    Nice billy. Good stuff mate
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    Good effort mate, looks like nice country as well. Thanks for sharing your story and pic.
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    Top stuff mate! Thanks for sharing....
    Sitting back from your trophy to make it appear bigger only makes you look smaller!

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    Nice looking Billy, well done on a successful hunt and a well written account.
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    Thanks for the kind words fellas!
    West Australian Bowhunter
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    Nicely done, cheers for sharing.

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