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    Advice for Buffalo.

    On my bucket list is a trip to the NT to hunt Buffalo. It appears that in the next 12 months, my dream trip may come true. Now comes some serious planning, firstly some advice.

    I am transitioning from a traditional one piece recurve bow to an ILF style bow, somewhere in the range of 19" to 23" riser, what I'm after is advice from anyone who has hunted Buffalo, bow poundage arrow weight, etc.....

    Cheers in advance....
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    I've hunted both banteng and buffalo. Only ever with a 70lb+ compound. Always used a reasonably heavy arrow in between 500-650 grain and a quality 2 blade broadhead up front.
    Try to avoid hard quartering angles as the ribs can stack up against you and drastically limit penetration. Double lung hits seem to be more effective than lower type heart shots.
    Good luck
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    Cheers, appreciate the advice...
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    I was lucky enough to take this fella at 18 yards with a 70# recurve, an arrow with a total weight of 740g with a 250g 2 blade VPA up front.
    I managed to achieve total arrow penetration with that set up.


    I totally agree with A_MCCULLOCH. Double lung is the go with these fellas.

    One bit of advice. They are a big critter. Don't be fooled into thinking you are closer than you really are. It happens a bit.....

    Best of luck mate. It is not an experience you will forget in a hurry.

    If you ain't smiling, your anchor point too low.
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    Yep agree with all the above - and plenty of buff have been taken with a #55 recurve - just ensure a heavy arrow and razor sharp 2 blade....and don't shoot it in the a#se...LOL
    2014 PSE DNA SP - 65#
    2015 PSE Full Throttle - 64#
    Martin Mamba Recurve - 50#
    Bear Kodiak Magnum 50th Anniversary #55
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    Hey Waz,
    I've managed to take a Buffalo with the longbow. I used a Toelke whip #65
    I wouldn't recommend shooting one with a lighter bow. I double lunged him at 15 yards. As the boys above stated, that double lungs is the go, as my Darwin mates claim they will walk forever with only one lung hit.
    I used a 600gn arrow and Kayuga old school broadheads. My setup was not what I planned as I was still waiting for heavier heads to arrive, but they performed well. I've since gone to 175gn Grizzly broadheads on 125 gn steel adapter for 770gn total arrow weight. This setup has smashed through a boars skull.
    There's a wealth of information on arrow lethality from Dr Ashby, and these studies are very thorough. If you're not keen on digesting this in its original form, there's some excellent podcasts lately on this topic. Traditional Outdoors Podcast is one
    Tradgeeks did another good one with Dr Ashby himself
    Good luck mate
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