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    Qld crown land hunting petition!!!!

    Gday all. I recently signed a petition forba proposed trial period for hunting on state land. Check it out and please spread the word, petition is only for Qld residents.

    This could be the best thing to happen for Qld hunters since its getting rediculisly hard to get in to private propertys, Just think of those mountain boars, red deer and what ever else is hiding out where we can not hunt ATM.
    Gun and archery stores and clubs should get behind this asking every one to sign the petition for hunters future sake.
    Link below for petition


    Regards Thomas Hooker

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    Best thing to happen to QLD hunters?!

    Mate if it keeps you banana republicans out of our NSW State Forests I'll commission a Romanian bot farm to add a million fake signatures for ya! ;)

    In all seriousness its awesome news. Between this move and the recent relaxation of roo culling rules in NSW things are looking better for Aus hunters than they have in my lifetime.
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    Signed it. Great idea, thanks for posting.
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    Qld crown land hunting petition!!!!


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    Tried to sign but only Queenslanders allowed ...
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    Thanks Thomas!

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    Qld crown land hunting petition!!!!


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    Qld crown land hunting petition!!!!

    Great to see hunters jumping on board. Keep up the great work the votes are climing daily...

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