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    New QLD 4wd laws

    It seems 75mm higher than stock is waay too dangerous for softcock QLD, what a bloody disgrace.
    Just a heads up for those travelling to the group hunt next year.

    Also I have a set of 5 mud tyres on black track rims for sale, suit Hilux, pathfinder etc over 90% tread.
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    Yeah this is crap, I didn't hear anything about the law being changed till they started defecting utes on the Gold Coast the other week. Friggin nanny State.
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    I was of the impression it's about enforcing existing laws rather than introduction of new laws?
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    Your right Paul.
    Apologies to the forum, I feel like a d*ckhead right about now. It turns out all this, stemmed from just regular everyday Facebook lies and bullsh*t that got out of the newsfeed and into main stream media releases by the aaaa, drive and many others.
    Man I hated f.b with a passion before this, just goes to show of how the comments of a suburban dullard can blow out and get 80,000 signatures on a petition.
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    What's funny is the govt is trying to increase the mod heights haha and people whinging about it. I know in the NT you can only have 100mm overall without engineering certifications and a lane change test (swerve test @ 60km/hr) and that will allow a max overall of 150mm.
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