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    Cracked Limbs? Safe to shoot?

    Gday gang,
    Recently noticed this on my 2015 PSE Drive LT.
    Canít tell if itís just the camo coating or if itís actually cracked limbs? PSE are sending new limbs under warranty basically no questions asked which is awesome but just wanted to get all you learned gentlemenís thoughts on whether or not I can still shoot in the backyard and/or hunt with it safely?
    One pic is on the top left limb and the other is just inside the pivot point on the bottom left limb.
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    Are any actually fibres lifting with that?
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    No mate, No sign of any fibers at all
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    Cracked Limbs? Safe to shoot?

    Probably safer not to shoot it, but chances are it's been cracked a while and you've just noticed now.

    Still, I'd wait for the new limbs.


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    If it was me I'd wait. Better to only have to replace the limbs than risk damaging the cams or anything else if you keep shooting it and they let go on you.
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