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    3day Backpack cod/yellowbelly trip

    Just noticed there was a fishing part to this form so thought Iíd thro this story up as itís probably my favourite fishing trip so far

    Iíd wanted to do a back pack trip for a while and thought a fishing trip would be a good way to prepare myself for a backpack hunt. It was an easy 3 day walk along a river and I thought it would be good to workout what gear I need and what I didnít.

    We used two cars and started by parking one car where we would finish and then drive the next to where we start. We had a bit of rain before we left which made the 1st day of fishing a little hard but we still got two.

    Camp for the night

    The next day the water had settled a bit and the cod were a little more active

    On the start of day 3 I was flicking a surface lure and had around 3 strikes by the same fish but just couldnít hook him. Benny was standing next to me and said ďif you donít get him this cast Iím throwing this gantia in thereĒ sure enough I didnít get him and Benny hooked him 1st cast.

    A couple of locals, we liked them but they didnít like us.

    And here are a few from the 3rd day

    Ended up being an awesome three days with around 20 cod and 3 yellowbelly between the three of us.


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    3day Backpack cod/yellowbelly trip

    Lovin all the greenbacks, what a great trip. But you can keep the reptiles
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    Yep nice work fellas gotta agree with aaron though hate wiggly sticks
    hunting the new england
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    good stuff mate, Nice clear sharp pics
    what was the result with your gear? as in what you could do with out and what to take next time?
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    love the pics.... also loved the hammock set up!!!!
    been a hammocker on a trip in the NT...... would never go back to ground pounding.
    would like to hear a run down on what worked/what didnt , and what you would change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dean-yowie View Post
    good stuff mate, Nice clear sharp pics
    what was the result with your gear? as in what you could do with out and what to take next time?
    Just a few little things I only had a cheap bag from bcf it gave me a hard time so it went in the bin and I got myself an exo mountain pac. I carried in to much water when I should have just taken a bottle or two and used a water filtration system and used the river water. I carried in a few things that never got used like spare clothes and other little things (can’t remember everything if the top of my head the trip was close to a year ago) After doing a few trips now I think I could nearly half my pac weight from this trip lol



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