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Thread: Pork sausages

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    Pork sausages

    I bought a few pigs last year in August, this picture was in November last year so they grew a bit more for the feast.

    I Murdered two of them a few weeks before Christmas, one for Christmas day and one for Australia day. Did them on the spit and they were the best.

    The one I kept was the friendliest so I put a ring in his nose and let him free range with electric fences to keep him in. And so, he became a pet, becoming a pet meant he needed a name....mohomad it was.

    Mohomad the pig was a typical pig, all about food, I was aware that every time that he started to squeal for food that I shouldn't upset him as he might very well detonate himself, so, needless to say he got heaps of food and became very fat. He also got very pushy to the other inhabitants of the paddock which were three goats and five ducks. He also became very pushy to my other half, so he had to go. I murdered him and butchered him in the shed.

    As you can see he had heaps of fat on him, this is good as the snags require 30% fat to meat content. The back fillets and one of the hind legs were saved for roasts, and the rest was used for snags.

    This is my recipe, sort of home grown with a bit of input form people along the way.

    The hot pepper sauce comes form a deli in Sydney, doesn't make the snags too hot, just a little zing in the after taste.

    The one ingredient that turned my snags form good to great is the sausage meal which I purchase from the butcher, this is where I also get my casings, the hog gut ones.

    The liquid I use is home made chicken stock. The butchers use water but I just gave the stock a go and it seems to work well. This is the ingredients laid out after the meat and fat have gone through the 8mm plate on the mincer

    That all gets mixed and goes into the fridge overnight, and then through the 3mm plate on the mincer in the morning.

    I cook up a couple of paddies for breakfast to test if they are good...and they are!

    Then put them through the sausage stuffer (which I don't have a picture of) which turnes them out like this.

    This made up 15kgs of snags which I bag up into four per bag, many are given away to family and friends and lots are eaten by us.

    Bit of an edit here cause I cooked some up for dinner tonight after writing this.

    BBQ snags

    Home made snags, home made beer, and home grown salad (well some of the salad is home grown)

    Cooked snags

    Yummy dinner tonight!!!!!

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    great story mate, making my hungry
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    Nice work mate!.....poor Mohomad!
    Sitting back from your trophy to make it appear bigger only makes you look smaller!

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    Looks awesome! I've always wondered how I would have having to do that to something that had become a sort of pet. The fact it was causing a bit of grief made the process easier I'm sure
    eject, EJECT!!
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    Nice work! They makin me hungry!!

    I got onto some delicious pork sausages from one of the local butchers in Wagga (Blake st butchers). They add bacon, cheese, diced apple chunks and chilli and they are the best pork snags I’ve ever eaten. I haven’t eaten a beef sausage since!
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    Pork sausages

    Man they grow quick with access to unlimited feed! This was wilbur a 14 month old saddleback that weighed 200kg. He too made great sausages!

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    That's the go Randall, those snags look awesome and the homebrew/ home grown meal pic mate, love that chit. Last week I did 2 of ours at 9 months old and have every freezer packed out atm.
    First time in a while that we are totally pig-less, Im just glad not to be feeding pigs or listening to that bloody squealing for a while haha

    Bert that's a cracker!!
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