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Thread: Black Dog

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    Black Dog

    The black dog bitch is biting at me and it is getting me down, it is stuffing up my life and family, I am withdrawing more into recluse and do not want to associate with people. I have googled suicide sites and cannot believe how many ways are available to top one self. I know I am not alone with problems but to be told by a hairy assed uni student straight out of uni how to over come my so called mental problems makes things no better. Yes I know I need help but I tell you now drugs are not the answer, happy pills do not help. Sorry for my ramblings Keith. PS I just had to express how I am feeling now and it is not good.
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    Not good to hear mate, the black dog is an evil thing. But mate you are definitely not alone. You've already taken a big step in reaching out to us on here. If you were near me I'd pop round for a cuppa. When I was going through the same thing I went to the gp and got a referral to a psych, and it helped no end. Just tell them you don't want meds and they will look after you, you also have life line to call and also the black dog institute website is also an excellent thing. Chin up mate it gets better trust me.
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    I received a pm already from a fellow dog victim, I have struggled for over 50 years from family abuse by my father physical only and being involved with injuried and deceased people as a member of the nsw rfs and 9 years in the snow fields of nsw with the NPwS of nsw at Kosi, laughing it off and drinking grog was how we handled it in those days as counciling was not available then, I can really understand how returned service people feel after serving their country and are fobbed off by our wonderfull federal government, I feel bitter because they are more concerned about overseas problems than trying to help Australian people that are struggeling like our primary producers the farmers, yes I am bitter.
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    Hang in their bud, you might not think it but your family needs you, even if you have adult children. A psyc can help, maybe give it a go or at least consider it before taking other more drastic action.
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    Hi Daktari

    you are not alone, I have gone through the battle with the dog, still have days when its around probably always will, but I know it feeds on negativity its easier said than done but you have to find a positive in life, my previous battles have made me see my life in a different way and to be grateful for every day, for my kids, for my wife and all the friends that I choose to be around (some I know make me negative and I cant be around them too much) I have changed my eating habits, haven't had a drink of alcohol for over 12 months, found new hobbies. these are things I have done to help me,

    I live in the far north west corner of NSW 60klm from Cameron corner I own a property with my wife and 2 boys, we have had 22mm since October last year, I know how easy the black dog can come back at the moment with the season the way it is but I am keeping positive, every dust storm I have found a positive in , every .5mm of rain I am thankful for, watching my kids help feed out hay to our stock I enjoy, its the simple things that I have learnt to love, there is more people that are fighting the dog than you probably realise and you are doing the best thing to help by talking about it, we need to talk about our feelings more and open up to our mates as by talking about it you grow stronger.
    sorry for the long ramble keep positive
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    I feel your pain Keith. Wish there was something I could do to help.

    I used to Stuart pretty bad from it long term. Massive change when I cleaned my diet up, cut out sugar and wheat. I used to think that was weird, until I started reading about inflammation, gut microbes, and the link between inflammation and mental health. I still think I suffer from it a bit, but nothing like before, it's just combined up with my other health issues so it's hard to tell between at times. My joints are doing a hell of a lot better with my better diet as well, so it's a big win

    I always found the big step was taking about it, like a load lifted, so glad you have been able to do that.

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    Stay strong Keith, you have a lot of mates on here.
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    Mate....just read the comments on here from your mates...some you have met, some you may never! We as a brotherhood are always here. You know my history, and subsequent struggle to deal with things too....

    Good chatting with you yesterday Keith, stay cool and try to enjoy your trip to QLD!

    Your mate always,

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    Hey Keith, I know we've never met, but we've touched paths on this forum recently and learned that we share our involvement in Rural Fire Services. I have a great respect for your 40 years of service and that alone is something you must be very proud of. Hope we can share a yarn or two over a beer one day. Keep talking to people, keep the communication lines open - it does help and little chats can sometimes put your thinking on a different and sometimes better path. All the best Keith - respect mate.
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    Keep your chin up mate, I’ve never been in your position, but I’ve had very close family in the same boat and I can tell you now that you mean more to your family than you will likely ever know. I realize it’s hard mate but you’ve made a huge step by reaching out on here. Cheers mate,
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