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Thread: Merrell Boots

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    Merrell Boots

    Merrell Continuum boots.... Ordered and paid for something completely different off a dodgy website and now Iím stuck with them... Yes I know I should have known better donít worry if you can think of a way to scold me then thereís a fair chance my better half has already told me the same thing... Anyway my loss is your gain, they are fleece lined and probably more suited to those of you in the colder parts of our fair land. Put them on once just out of curiosity to see if they were tru to size which they are. Apart from that, never worn.
    $100 posted anywhere in Oz.
    West Australian Bowhunter
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    Am interested, what size are they. Matt
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    UK11 mate
    Im a size 10 in my steel blue work boots and they fit perfect for me
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    West Australian Bowhunter
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    Thanks Bud, I have wide feet(flippers) and wear 10.5's. So not for me.
    Good luck with the sale.
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    No Worries mate, cheers
    West Australian Bowhunter

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