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    Fitted new peep but can't see it

    My bow is just a Bear Species that had the tube like peep with the rubber tubing and 4 pin sight that worked fine.
    Rubber would fall off and broke as well as not pulling peep to perfect position, slight twist.
    Deleted the rubber and just move the loop to keep the peep straight. Was working fine and I could see peep, pins and sight picture well.

    Decided to get the shop to fit a new peep of the proper type with no rubber, Tru Peep Mega Hunter 7/32"
    Slight difference in size but not much, ring thickness looks OK.

    When all finished I did a draw in the shop with fingers and just couldn't see the peep ring at all.
    At home under fluro lights with release aid it was still just invisible.
    Strange part is I can clearly see string triangles above and bellow but not the Black ring.

    I have 20/20 long vision but need reading glasses for fine stuff now days. Use a Skinners peep on a lever rifle with diff insert sizes and could see the old bow one fine. Was bigger, chunkier and sort of a tube rather than just a ring.

    Anyone know what type of peep I should try to resolve this weirdness ?
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    Sounds like your problem is your eyes, not your peep mate. Can you still see the target if you wear your reading glasses? If you can then that may be the way to go, otherwise there are peepless systems that may help you. You can also get different color peeps that may be more visible but my short vision is not the best yet I can clearly see a black peep.
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    That size aperture may be too big for you, I had peep issues when shooting compound and found that if I ran a drill bit through the hole just enough to make the internal wall silver allowing it to reflect more light into my eye through the peep, it made such a massive difference with focusing etc it was like walking outside from a dark room, I can't believe someone isn't already selling them like that.
    Ive still got quite a few meta peeps here and one or two "V" style peeps all brand new your welcome to try out if needed
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    Also imo you want to be picking up the peep in your peripheral vision, not looking for it or focusing on it.
    If your eye is naturally picking up the v's in the string then a V style peep might suit you best
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    Yeah, I just want to see a black ring as the eye can't centre what it can't see.
    Was amazed that it just couldn't be seen, but why was the orange string so bright it stuck out like dogs preverbials.
    String is not bigger than the peep body.
    The old sight with rubber band was a much bigger block type shape, also like a tube rather than just a ring.
    Rather than aperture size it seems to be the small ring size up close to the eye that plays tricks with near vision.
    Still waiting to try in sunlight but the old bigger block type was fine in the garage. Also the tube type may help rather than just a ring.
    Hard to test though.

    Looked at ebay pics but non are bigger block types like old one.
    The ones with screw in ap rings are a bit bigger and more of the tube effect.

    Are any of yours bigger in outside dimension size Rhino ?
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    Can't write too much as it logs me out and I lose it, hate that.

    Thinking about it more, the problem has to the smallish ring wall thickness up close to the eye.
    Colour could change things but hard to test.

    Will try find tubing to put in ring to check changes.
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    All is not lost as the sun poked it's head out and I opened the roller door and aimed at the bush across the road.
    Could see the ring fine, must be just a lighting thing.

    Bit odd as it's a bit bigger in aperture size but all good as I can shoot in daylight.

    Have reset the pins moving the 1st pin up high in the ring so I can shoot the 50m + better.

    Will get out and fine tune it on Monday.
    Next 3d shoot will show how well it all go's with the shade in the field.

    Thanks for the input and help guys.
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    If you intend on hunting with that same set up, you may have that issue crop up again low light /dusk and dawn.
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    Boggers, what's happening there is that the pupil of your eye gets bigger when the light is dim (as in the garage or when very overcast).
    When the pupil is big in relation to the outside diameter of the peep, it is almost as though it also wants to see around the outside of the peep in stead of through it. So the peep rim is blurred and vague.
    When I hunted the bush pig in my avatar, I had the same issue - it was at night and when I anchored I had severe difficulty seeing the peep. Only due to a good anchor point did I manage to hit the pig where I aimed.
    For far sightedness (which you have) you can also get a Specialty Archery peep system which works very well but is also expensive. I use one and it allows me to see my pins clearer especially when the light fades.
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    Just did a big reply but got logged out and lost it.

    The peep worked fine and stayed in perfect possy so all good now.
    Shot a big session in overcast sprinkle of rain and little sun.
    Next test is in the shadows of the 3d field.
    Seems to be more a problem under lights more than in natural light.

    Shot through my chrono and spaced my pins better. Good at 50m now on the 4th pin.
    Short ones are spaced nice as well.

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